Queen, 94, enjoys a socially-distanced Easter walk with Prince Charles, 72, in Windsor 

Like families across the country, the Windsors have been making the most of the fine spring weather to see their nearest and dearest.

And this charming new image of the Queen and Prince Charles shows how much even a socially distanced walk can mean in these still difficult times.

The pair were snapped together as they took part in a private engagement at Frogmore on the monarch’s Windsor estate, details of which will be released in the next few weeks.

Mother and son appeared so happy and relaxed that when staff asked if they might pose for a handful of spur-of-the-moment pictures, they agreed.

The Queen, who turns 95 later this month, looked radiant. Wearing  one of her famed headscarves with a green, full-length raincoat and black rubber boots, she smiled and laughed, with her gloved hands in her pockets.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles enjoy spring weather and pose for a portrait in the garden of Frogmore House in Windsor

The Prince of Wales, 72, was more formally dressed in a favourite brown overcoat, shirt, tie and brogues, but looked equally delighted to be spending time with his beloved mother.

Behind them are the cherry trees, in full blossom, and daffodils that Frogmore House (as opposed to Frogmore Cottage, the Windsor home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) is so famed for at this time of year, as well as a small stone bridge over one of the estate’s ornamental lakes.

Frogmore – which is low-lying and marshy and derives its name from the preponderance of frog it attracts – was the setting for a family picture alongside Philip, Anne, Andrew and Edward taken in 1968.

While the latest picture was captured on a whim, it serves to provide a happy contrast to events of recent months.

Both the Queen and Charles have been deeply saddened by the acrimonious departure of Harry and Meghan as working royals and their subsequent emigration to California.

And as a doting grandmother and father they were also personally wounded by the bitter and highly damaging allegations that have since been thrown at them – and other Royal Family members – by the couple.

Have you come far: The royals in 60s sunshine at Frogmore with Princess Anne, Princes Philip, Andrew and Edward in 1968

Last month, in their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Sussexes accused the Royal Family of outright racism and failing to  support Meghan as she suffered a serious mental health crisis.

The Queen made clear that while deeply concerning, the family did not accept all of the accusations (‘recollections may vary’, she said) but stressed they wished to try to build bridges privately as a family.

And however upsetting it has been, the crisis has brought mother and son even closer together, united at having to put their personal feelings to one side in order to act in unison as The Firm’s ‘CEOs’.

The Daily Mail understands they have not only spoken but also met regularly in recent months, with Charles a frequent visitor to Windsor where his mother has been isolating since last spring with Prince Philip, 99, in line with Government coronavirus regulations.

A source said: ‘Although unplanned, this picture offers an insight into a family that is still together, happy and united after a difficult few months.’

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‘You’re My Best Friend’: The Story Behind The Queen Song


Picking a follow-up to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, which quickly became one of the best-selling singles of all time after its release, on 31 October 1975, would have been a challenge for any band. Queen, however, had the answer: a catchy love song written by their bass player, John Deacon, and which was given the name ‘You’re My Best Friend’.

“That came out when I was learning to play piano”

Deacon penned just the one song for A Night At The Opera, Queen’s fourth studio album. ‘You’re My Best Friend’ was written about his wife, Veronica Tetzlaff, a former trainee teacher from Sheffield, and turned out to be an enduring hit. The song expressed his devotion in heartfelt lyrics: “You’re my sunshine and I want you to know/That my feelings are true/I really love you/Oh, you’re my best friend.”

Singer Freddie Mercury said he always liked “the almost Tamla Motown style of Deacon’s songs”. The band’s bassist wrote the song at home. “Freddie didn’t like the electric piano, so I took it home and I started to learn on the electric piano and basically that’s the song that came out when I was learning to play piano,” said Deacon. “It was written on that instrument and it sounds best on that.”

“John was a dark horse”

The song, featuring clever arrangements which displayed the brilliant harmonising of the band, was recorded in August 1975 in London. Roger Taylor’s deft drumming, with bass, snare and hi-hat, combined well with Deacon’s Fender bass. Deacon also played the Wurlitzer EP-200 electric piano on the track, while Brian May worked his usual magic with five different guitar tracks on his famous Red Special.

“John didn’t write that many songs but when he did – as with ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ and ‘I Want To Break Free’ – they were big, big hits,” said May. “‘You’re My Best Friend’ became one of the most-played tracks on American radio. John was a dark horse, generally the quiet guy in Queen. We would ask him sometimes, ‘Have you got anything, John?’ and he was very self-effacing about what he had written. ‘You’re My Best Friend’ was about his lovely lady wife.”

The success of the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ video persuaded the band to use that promotional tool again. The clip for ‘You’re My Best Friend’ – which shows the band in a huge ballroom, with a glittering chandelier, surrounded by more than a thousand candles – was directed by Bruce Gowers. It was shot at Elstree Studios in London during an unseasonably warm spring day. There was no air conditioning and the heat from the candles and lights made for an uncomfortable session.

For the video, Deacon played a grand piano, the same instrument Mercury used when the song was performed in concert. “I refused to play that damn thing,” Mercury said of the electric piano. “It’s tiny and horrible and I don’t like them. Why play those when you have a lovely superb piano?”

“If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you haven’t learned anything”

The three-minute single was released on 18 May 1976 and frequent radio plays helped it become a hit. ‘You’re My Best Friend’ began an eight-week run in the UK singles charts on 3 July, reaching a peak position of No.7. It also reached No.16 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was later certified platinum in America, with more than one million copies sold. Coincidentally, country singer Don Williams had a hit with his own song titled ‘You’re My Best Friend’ later that year.

Queen’s song has featured in numerous films and television shows, including The Simpsons, Family Guy and EastEnders. Deacon’s sweet ballad, which also played at the end of the zombie-movie parody Shaun Of The Dead, has also been covered by other artists, including The Supernaturals (1997) and Stevie Ann (2014).

When Queen released their album Live Killers in 1979, comprising performances of songs from concerts around Europe, they included a neat two-minute version of ‘You’re My Best Friend’.

Four decades on from the chart success of ‘You’re My Best Friend’, Deacon lives quietly in London, away from the music business, and is still married to Veronica, the love of his life, with whom he raised six children.

“If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything,” said boxer Muhammad Ali, another man capable of landing big hits in the 70s. Deacon’s song remains one of the most popular ever written about the subject.

Listen to the best of Queen on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Game Over For Meghan & Harry, Queen Blows Up Their Money-Making Scam

Queen Elizabeth II is taking no prisoners, even if that means taking a stand against her own misguided grandson. Meghan Markle and her kowtowed husband Prince Harry are waking up to devastating news on Wednesday. The British Monarch took the unprecedented move of dropping a nuclear bomb right on the leftist duo’s money-making scam, and it’s game over for poor Meghan and Harry. Don’t miss this.

Meghan Markle is a former D-list actress who set her sights on Queen Elizabeth’s grandson. Within a few months, Markle had grifted her way into Harry’s world, but her end game was a sinister plot to use the British Monarchy as her brand in a money-making scheme.

The Queen just dropped a nuclear bomb on Meghan’s scheme. 

Markle’s scam of the British Monarchy always hinged on one thing: trademarking various brands as “Royal.” Months before Meghan and Harry revealed they were leaving the Royal Family, the American grifter had already started scooping up various domains like “sussexroyal.com” where she planned to sell goods and services.

Back in March 2019, Meghan had hired Bill and Hillary Clinton former adviser Sara Latham. Meghan was ready to use the Clinton Foundation as her template in building a “pay for play” type organization. Markle would turn the British Monarchy’s “royal brand” into something that was up for sale to the highest bidder.

So, like a bad actress, Meghan cried on British TV last October that she was barely holding up. It seems her life as a duchess in one of the world’s wealthiest families was just so overwhelming. Of course, this was a perfectly timed interview. Then, after the holidays, the dastardly duo makes their move to divorce themselves from the Royal Family.

However, they wanted their cake and to eat it too. 

Meghan and Harry made it clear they wanted to leave the United Kingdom and have no responsibilities as a working Senior Royal. But they still wanted all the perks. The press attention was off the charts, and so the Queen smartly gave them enough rope to hang themselves. In January, she took their “resignation” but said the “final details” would take some time to be determined.

Then, Her Majesty waited and watched to see what Meghan and Harry would do. Well, when Harry took a speaking gig with JP Morgan and started talks with Goldman Sachs as “the first steps by the Prince to land lucrative gigs on the paid speaking circuit,” that was all she needed to see.

Along with Meghan’s hardcore “woke” political stances, the Queen saw the writing on the wall. The leftist duo would be engaged in promoting their hypocritical causes. Meghan and Harry have a habit of lecturing us about climate change while grifting private jet rides from their celebrity friends.

The biggest issue to be determined surrounded the use of the coveted brand as “royal.” This was the linchpin to all of Meghan’s plans. The former cable TV actress had been making plans to use “royal” for at least 18 months, and without it, poor Meghan and Harry would have nothing to pimp out to the public.

Well, the Queen’s final answer is that the British Monarchy’s brand is not for sale. 

“Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be moving forward in their new life without a valuable part of their brand, with the Queen and other senior palace officials reportedly agreeing that the couple will no longer be able to keep the word ‘royal’ as a part of their brand,” Page Six reports. 

“Maybe they can trademark ‘certified former royal’?” Page Six adds.

According to the Daily Mail, the two had hoped to leverage “Sussex Royal” into not just a new website but a “global trademark for a range of items and activities, including clothing, stationery, books and teaching materials” and a new charitable organization with the name.

“Queen BANS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from using lucrative ‘Sussex Royal’ brand that they hoped to use to build new lives because ‘they simply cannot sell themselves as Royals’” Daily Mail’s headline blared.

Royal watchers including British citizens are behind the Queen banning Meghan and Harry from using her brand in seedy money-making schemes. 

“Quite right too. If you don’t want to do the duty, you don’t get to exploit the royal label to make money,” tweeted Piers Morgan.

Quite right too. If you don’t want to do the duty, you don’t get to exploit the royal label to make money. https://t.co/xMGlLejGvg

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 18, 2020

Even the Irish Post tweeted out: “Tough, but fair.”

— The Irish Post (@theirishpost) February 19, 2020

“Yes, Brits were waiting for HMQ to stand firm and speak up for them. The Sussex’s have been an embarrassment to the monarchy and the entire country with their behavior acting as if they couldn’t be reined in. Ex-royal don’t identify with the Royal name,” tweeted “dpbrown1953.”

Yes Brits were waiting for HMQ to stand firm and speak up for them. The Sussex’s have been an embarrassment to the monarchy and the entire country with their behavior acting as if they couldn’t be reined in. Ex-royal don’t identify with the Royal name. https://t.co/qxIb24hYLC

“Queen saw that $500,000+ speaking engagement with bankers and 1% in Miami and was Nah, not having it,” tweeted “ultrapurwater.”

Queen saw that $500,000+ speaking engagement with bankers and 1% in Miami and was nah, not having it.

Queen BANS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from using lucrative ‘Sussex Royal’ brandhttps://t.co/P0C3rbeHYk

“‘Good on you Ma’am!’: Britons back the Queen after she orders Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to drop the ‘Royal’ from their lucrative Sussex Royal brand – while others joke that alternative ‘H&M is already taken,’” tweeted “@tweetaboutit.”

‘Good on you Ma’am!’: Britons back the Queen after she orders Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to drop the ‘Royal’ from their lucrative Sussex Royal brand – while others joke that alternative ‘H&M is already taken’ https://t.co/o1H73ILIzB via @MailOnline

“How’d ya like them apples?? Our Queen rocks,” tweeted “Bumble.”

How dya like them apples???

Our Queen rocks. ?

EXCLUSIVE: Queen BANS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from using ‘Sussex Royal’ brand
via https://t.co/XjplgiYj1N https://t.co/vgG7gutyPM

Meghan’s cadre of devotees is livid. Some are going as far as to say the Queen is racist. 

That’s the typical leftwing response to anything that does not go their way. Meghan feels entitled to destroy the brand of a 1,000-year Monarchy, and if you don’t see it her way, well, then you must be a racist.

Shame on anyone making these ridiculous accusations of racism. And shame on Prince Harry for going along with Meghan’s scheme that must be devastating to his elderly grandparents. Harry will rue the day he allowed a viper in the royal family, and with his grandparents both in their 90s, we can only hope he comes to his senses before it’s too late to make amends.

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Queen, Daryl Braithwaite, John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John, Alice Cooper and more rock Fire Fight Australia | 7NEWS.com.au

Tens of thousands of Australians have united in Sydney to celebrate our resilient spirit and raise funds for bushfire relief.

Tickets to the 10-hour music event at ANZ Stadium sold out in less than a day.

Watch the video above

International acts including Queen and Adam Lambert, k.d. Lang, Alice Cooper and Ronan Keating joined some of Australia’s best artists to rock the stadium.

Comedian Celeste Barber, who raised more than $50 million with her social media campaign, kicked off the event.

An array of Australia’s favourite artists took to the stage to entertain the crowd.

Conrad Sewell performed his poignant hit ‘Healing Hands’ while music icon Daryl Braithwaite performed his classic ‘The Horses’.

Hailing from Lismore, Australian rockers Grinspoon brought the house down with an electrifying medley of hits.

“(It’s) such an honour for us,” Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamison told Sonia Kruger backstage.

“We see the devastation, not just in the Northern NSW area but all across the country, so for us to do just a little bit… it’s the least we could do really.”

Jessica Mauboy performed a selection of her biggest hits, while Delta Goodrem opened her set with a cover of the classic anthem ‘We Are Australian’.

Former Boyzone member Ronan Keating has called Australia home many times over the years. He made a special stopover in Australia from Malaysia to be part of the event.

Keating’s own brother-in-law is a volunteer firefighter on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

“I wanted people in Australia to know that we heard you and that you weren’t alone,” Keating told Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.

“Even though we’re 12,000 miles away, it’s a small world we live in now thanks to social media and technology… it was devastating, it was heartbreaking,” Keating said.

Australian music icon Tina Arena opened up about how media coverage affected her mental health.

“My mental health suffered a lot, so I retreated from what was going on,” Arena told Sam Armytage and David Koch.

“I couldn’t watch it… I felt helpless, I felt useless. So when it came time to do this, I realised the beauty of our community.”

Aussie exports 5 Seconds Of Summer had the crowd singing along to their catchy lyrics including their ARIA number one hit, ‘Youngblood’.

But it was a powerhouse performance by the legendary Queen with Adam Lambert on vocals that had the stadium at capacity.

“It was a no-brainer,” Lambert told Sonia Kruger.

“Brian and Roger immediately said yes… we were very excited to be a part of this.”

k.d. Lang’s haunting performance of ‘Hallelujah’ brought the crowd to a standstill after a minute’s silence lead by Russell Crowe, who was personally affected by the Australian bushfires first hand.

Iconic Aussie rockers, Icehouse took to the stage shortly after 10 pm to play some of their greatest hits including ‘Electric Blue’ and the classic ‘Great Southern Land’.

The night concluded with Australian music royalty John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John.

Farnham performed hits ‘Age Of Reason’, ‘Pressure Down’, ‘Two Strong Hearts’ with Newton-John and ‘That’s Freedom.’

The climax of the night being Australia’s unofficial national anthem, ‘You’re The Voice’, where Farnham was joined on stage by Queen’s Brian May and Mitch Tambo.

Fire Fight Australia ended the night raising just over nine million dollars for key organisations providing vital “Rescue”, “Relief and Recovery” and “Rehabilitation” assistance in fire affected areas. You can still donate by heading here.

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