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Paris Hilton takes a hammering in recent poll on Spain’s Costa Del Sol as she’s voted the most hated American

As the Costa del Sol sits on lockdown and confined to homes for now 15 days, residents on social media are passing time by asking friends and followers all sorts of questions to answer and share.

Amy Beaton from Torreblanca asked the question, reply with your most hated American expecting the poll topper to come back as President Donald Trump but was shocked after 48 hours of answers that it was actually Paris Hilton.

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Paris Hilton for those of you who don’t know is the daughter and heiress of the Hilton hotel chain which was founded by her great grandfather, at present she resides in Los Angeles and milks the celebrity status as she struts around high celebrity parties ensuring she gets her face in the press.

Her most famous headlines were when a home made sex video was leaked in 2003 and was shared on the internet as it went viral around the world, although many still remain of though that it wasn’t leaked at all and she did it for publicity and more self seeking fame.

Anyway it seems despite her success in the United States Of America, she’s deemed by Amy Beaton’s poll to be the most despised and hated woman on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Amy told the Euro Weekly News: “I only started the poll for a little light relief and it went out to about 5,000 expats here on the coast, I was expecting it to come back as outright winner Donald Trump, but I was amazed when it came back Paris Hilton, personally I don’t take much notice of her, I hardly know who she is, but I never expected her to be the most hated”

One voter Stephanie Booth told us “I voted for her as I can’t stand her, let’s be honest she hasn’t actually done anything in her life has she? apart from be born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she struts round as she owns the world and can’t keep her face out the press”

“She’s a publicity seeking b^tch, I can’t even look at her face, she makes me so angry, if you are born into money like that, have some class hey!”

Amy’s poll certainly has caused a stir on the Costa del Sol during lockdown, oh and Donald Trump came in third behind OJ Simpson.

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Paris Hilton Says She’s Been ‘Playing a Character’ Her Entire Career … Until Now

You think you know Paris Hilton? You’ve binged every season of “The Simple Life,” “My New BFF,” are wearing her perfume, have her music on repeat and bop to her deejay skills every weekend? Sorry, turns out you still don’t know Paris.

That’s because, according to the heiress, she’s been “playing a character” throughout her entire career. That’s … uh, not hot?

Tana Mongeau Says Paris Hilton Made Being Famous For Nothing A Business

“I knew what I was doing but the whole world didn’t, so it was kind of frustrating to me to be perceived in that way because it’s not who I am at all,” Hilton told People of her breakout role on “The Simple Life.” “But it was such an amazing and entertaining show that I would just think of it as entertainment.”

And while she said the “mean” jokes at her expense cut deep at the time, she understands more now. “Obviously, I’ve grown as a person,” she said. “But just to be judged and have so many misconceptions based on a character that I had invented myself was frustrating.”

But it wasn’t all bad, obviously. “I built a huge brand off doing it,” she added. “So, I don’t really regret it and I’m happy that people are going to finally see this film.” And in it, they won’t see any of that old persona. In other words, nothing is “hot.”

Amelia Gray Hamlin Says Fans Are the ‘Reason’ She ‘Survived’ Eating Disorder

Hilton’s famous catchphrase is just one part of her famous persona absent in her new YouTube documentary film “This Is Paris.” The other part is apparently everything else.

“I’ve never done anything like this in my life,’ Hilton told Deadline of the project. “In this film I discuss things I’ve never discussed before. I hope that people are going to see who I truly am.”

“During this film, I have discovered so much about myself that I did not even know,” she continued. “It was almost like a therapeutic experience

According to the reality star, she got more “raw” and real in this film than she ever has before about her innermost thoughts and feelings, revealing more about herself than she ever has before.

Paris Hilton Admits Her ‘That’s Hot’ Catchphrase Was Actually Coined by Sister Nicky

“I was talking about things that are very hard to talk about,” she said. “It was an amazing experience but it was very scary. I was freaking out.”

Hilton said she gave up full control for this film, something she was initially reluctant to do, but it allowed for this unfiltered and unprocessed look into her world.

“Everything I’ve done before was me playing a character,” Hilton said. And she apparently played it so well that director Alexandra Dean initially balked at the project, too, thinking that Hilton was “that original influencer who had brought that influencer world upon us.”

Why Fans Are Already Convinced Paris Hilton Is on Season 3 of The Masked Singer

In all honesty, no matter your thoughts on “influencer culture,” an exploration into the possible founder of it might be interesting. Plus, the fact that Hilton was disingenuous for 15 years in her online and on-screen persona doesn’t necessarily make her different from many of the top influencers.

“I completely did a 180,” Dean said about Hilton as the project came together. She compared the hotel heiress to Hedy Lamarr, the subject of one of her previous films, who was known as a Hollywood star in the ’40s, but was also a groundbreaking inventor who laid the foundation for Bluetooth technology.

Kind of makes you wonder what shocking revelations she uncovered about Paris Hilton.

For 15 years, we’ve thought we knew who Paris Hilton was — even though we kind of all new “The Simple Life” wasn’t all truth — but it turns out we didn’t. In May, Hilton and Alexandra Dean are hoping to set the record straight by showing us “This Is Paris Hilton” on YouTube.

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