Coronation Street Spoilers: Geoff Unleashes Rage At Sally – Tim Catches Him In The Act | Celebrating The Soaps

Coronation Street: Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dyvenor)Geoff Metcalfe, (Ian Barthomolew) ITV Coronation Street spoilers and updates reveal that Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dyvenor) will confront Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Barthomolew) about his abuse. When Geoff flips out and unleashes his rage on a terrified Sally, Tim Metcalfe (Jim Duttine) walks in and catches him in the act! Will this finally convince Tim that his father is a dangerous monster? Keep reading for more details.

Coronation Street Updates – Confronting A Monster

Corrie spoilers reveal that Sally goes behind Tim’s back and secretly visits Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) while she is sitting behind bars waiting for her trial. She will learn a lot about what went on behind closed doors. She will also get the details about that magic box.

As fans recall, Geoff was angry that his wife “ruined” the magic trick and he was laughed at. He punished her by intentionally locking her inside the box. Yasmeen was left all alone inside that locked box until Tim walked in and got her out.

Viewers may remember Tim telling Sally about the incident, but nothing really came out of it. Now, Sally is going to learn the truth about that horrifying day.

Geoff Metcalfe’s Rage

In upcoming episodes, expect Sally to learn the truth and bravely confront Geoff. However, she doesn’t expect his reaction. When he lashes out and spews his fury on the woman, Geoff thinks he is putting Sally in her place, and nobody will ever believe her. But then, the unexpected happens.

Corrie Spoilers – Tim Metcalfe Witnesses The Unthinkable

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Geoff rages at Sally and threatens her. Cowering in the corner and visibly frightened, she doesn’t know if Geoff is going to viciously attack her. Then, Tim saves the day by leaping into action! He walks in and catches his father terrorizing his wife.

What Happens Next?

The Daily Star pondered whether this would be enough to get Tim to see the truth about his father. Unfortunately, don’t count on it. During a previous interview, Duttine explained that the only thing that removes Tim’s blinders is finding out what his mother went through while in a relationship with Geoff.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Alina’s Big Decision – Decides Between Emma and Seb #Corrie #CoronationStreet

— SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) July 1, 2020

Even then, the father/son relationship is fractured, but it still doesn’t bring Tim to Yasmeen’s side. But it does show him the real Geoff. Knowing the abusive manipulator, he will come up with a way to justify his actions to Sally, just like he has with everything else.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Corrie right now. Come back here often for Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates.

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The Road to Coronation Street viewers stunned by EastEnders’ Jessie Wallace’s ‘perfect’ performance | Entertainment Daily

The Road to Coronation Street was shown for the first time on ITV last night. It originally aired on BBC Four 10 years ago.

The feature-length drama showed how the soap came to be, with creator Tony Warren, producer Harry Elton, and director Derek Bennett fighting to get it made.

We saw the casting process as some now iconic characters were cast. These including Ken Barlow actor William Roache. At the time William insisted it was only 13 episodes and he wouldn’t be tied down to it!

The Road to Coronation Street wowed fans (Credit: ITV/ BBC)

Viewers who had seen it the first time, plus those coming to it new, were left in awe. But in particular they picked out Jessie Wallace’s performance.

EastEnders legend Jessie played Pat Phoenix, aka Elsie Tanner, in the drama documenting the beginnings of the world’s longest-running soap opera.

What did viewers say about The Road to Coronation Street?

Jessie, known for her hardcore East End accent and leopard print looks as Kat Slater in the Walford-set soap, wowed with her ability to put on a ‘perfect’ Manchester accent.

The casting in #TheRoadtocoronationstreet is brilliant but Jessie Wallace as Pat Phoenix is exceptional.

— Mark ???‍♂️ (@Flashlad70) June 28, 2020

It’s years since I watched Corrie, but #TheRoadtocoronationstreet was a real treat. Jessie Wallace (nice) was perfect as Pat Phoenix.

— Claire ?????????? (@claireahall) June 28, 2020

Jessie Wallace is fantastic as Pat Phoenix. Perfect casting #TheRoadToCoronationStreet

— thot police (@thot___police) June 28, 2020

Jessie Wallace as Pat Phoenix is EVERYTHING #TheRoadToCoronationStreet

This is my favourite scene. Jessie Wallace is spectacular in this. #TheRoadToCoronationStreet

— Corey Terrett (@terrettcorey) June 28, 2020

@JessieWallaceUK you are OUTSTANDING as Pat Phoenix. From a born & bred Manc please take this as a compliment! We are bloody picky about these things! ♥️ #TheRoadtocoronationstreet

— Chans tweets (@chantellmaria) June 28, 2020

Other cast who won praise for their performances included David Dawson as Tony Warren, for example, and Lynda Baron as Violet Carson, aka, Ena Sharples.

Lynda Baron and Celia Imrie were also in the cast (Credit: ITV/BBC)

How long has Coronation Street been running?

Head of Continuing Drama at ITV John Whiston recently revealed to Entertainment Daily! and other media at a virtual press event, that this was because they had “banked a whole load of episodes” ahead of filming for the 60th.

There will be no huge stunt or explosion (Credit: ITV)

Show boss Ian MacLeod also revealed the 60th anniversary episodes will now be stripped back.

“What we have had to strip out for our 60th is the Hollywood spectacular elements. We didn’t have the time to build and install what we had originally planned to do.

“We have discovered what’s below all those layers of Hollywood spectacular is three or four layers of really good stories. There’s a strong community story, which is actually something that’s had a bit of a resurgence under lockdown.

“We’ve got a huge human interest story which emerges from something on screen now which has been engaging. We’ve got the classic salacious love triangle also in there.

“We have stripped away the crash, bang, wallop but what we’ve been left with is essential soap viewing.

“If we lockdown again, we will still have those episodes, it just won’t broadcast in our 60th week. It’ll broadcast slight later in the year or early in 2021. But I am fairly optimisitc that we can hit some classic Corrie episodes for the anniversary and Christmas.”

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Coronation Street’s Colson Smith STUNS fans with his weight loss transformation | Daily Mail Online

‘Giving Adele a run for her money!’ Coronation Street’s Colson Smith STUNS fans with his weight loss transformation

Colson Smith stunned fans when he unveiled his staggering weight loss transformation on Instagram on Friday. 

The Coronation Street star, 21, who plays Craig Tinker on the soap, overhauled his fitness regime last year after a nasty bout of food poisoning from a dodgy prawn made him shed one-and-a-half stone. 

Colson’s followers rushed to congratulate him on his efforts in the comments, with one fan telling the star he is ‘giving Adele a run for her money’.

Wow: Coronation Street star Colson Smith, 21, stunned fans when he unveiled his staggering weight loss transformation on Instagram on Friday

Amazing: The Coronation Street star, 21, who plays Craig Tinker on the soap, overhauled his fitness regime last year after a nasty bout of food poisoning (picture right in 2018)

Adele wowed fans earlier this week when she uploaded an Instagram after shedding seven stone. 

In the photo, a sweaty Colson beamed for the camera in sports gear after going on a run. 

He captioned the photo: ‘Bank Holiday run done. Feet up & some family time while staying at home now! Have a good un folks.(sic)’. 

Impressive: Adele wowed fans earlier this week when she uploaded an Instagram (pictured) after shedding seven stone and fans told Colson he was giving the singer a run for her money 

A way with the ladies: Colson’s character Craig has had his fair share of the ladies while on Coronation Street – pictured here kissing Kayla, played by Mollie Winward 

He also asked his fans for some isolation workout inspiration, writing on one social media snap: ‘Everyday = A Joggers day. Isolation inspiration – Talk to me Gram!

‘I wanna hear what all of yous are doing while socially distancing. Tell me your new positive goals and hobbies in this weird time?!’

He also shared another running pic and wrote: ‘Home workout number 57364  ✔️✔️What are you guys upto??.’ 

Fans soon flooded the comment section of his latest snaps. One wrote: ‘looking super fit’, while another follower added: ‘looking great!’. 

A third Corrie fan chimed: ‘You look amazing, all the hard work is paying off xx’. 

‘You look amazing, well done’, typed another one of Colson’s followers.  

Then and now: Colson pictured at a five-a-side football match and 2018 (left) and having completed a 5k run in April (right) 

Soap star: Colson is best known for playing Craig Tinker on Coronation Street (pictured last year) 

Lean machine: In March, Colson wrote: ‘Everyday = A Joggers day. Isolation inspiration – Talk to me Gram! I wanna hear what all of yous are doing while socially distancing. Tell me your new positive goals and hobbies in this weird time?! #StayHome #StaySafe’

Colson previously revealed he lost one and a half stone in December after he got food poisoning while holidaying in Thailand.  

Speaking on his podcast Sofa Cinema Club – which he hosts with co-stars Jack P Shepherd and Ben Price, Colson said: ‘I was in Ko Lanta.

‘I was sat on the beach and the waiter came over and was like, “What would you like?” And I said, “I’ll have the prawns to start please.” 

Onscreen and offscreen pals: Colson pictured with Lucy Fallon who played Bethany Platt on Corrie  

Going wild: The two were pictured out on a night on the tiles in Manchester in 2018 (left) and (right) all dressed up for a night out in October 

Open: Colson has been very happy to discuss the changes he has made to his lifestyle on social media (pictured back in 2018 with his co-star Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone Dobbs) 

‘I had avoided seafood [on Ben’s advice] but I was sat on the beach and I was like, “How can you not have seafood on the beach?”

‘Well, anyway. I’m not doing that again. I’ve lost about a stone and a half.’

Colson said he was only able to eat to a banana and three slices of toast in the week after eating the dodgy prawns. 

Since then, the star has littered his Instagram with pictures of him in sports gear and has of course adopted a much healthier eating plan than just eating toast. 

Colson joined Coronation Street as 12-year-old back in 2011 along with his mother Beth, [Lisa George], and his pet rat, who was called Darryl. 

His character became a much-loved part of the soap after he joined the police and helped Bethany Platt, (Lucy Fallon), to bring down her rapist. 

After becoming firm friends, the couple briefly dated one another. 

Colson and Lucy became good friends in real life and were often pictured on nights out together in Manchester.  

The actor was cast on the show after being spotted at Northern Film and Drama classes.  

In 2016 it was revealed he had already shed three and half stone after hitting the gym and being put on a strict diet.

And it seems as though he worked even harder on his own personal goals from 2019 onwards.  

Good work: Fans soon flooded the comment section. One wrote: ‘looking super fit’, while another follower added: ‘looking great!’

Coronation Street’s Colson Smith STUNS fans with his weight loss transformation

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Coronation Street’s Jack P. Shepherd celebrates 20 years as David Platt | Entertainment Daily

Coronation Street’s Jack P. Shepherd has celebrated 20 years as David Platt with pictures of his best moments on the show.

The actor shared the photos to his Instagram account.

Jack shared some pictures from his life before the soap, showing throwbacks to his toddler and school years.

He also shared highlights of David, which included his bunny Barney, sharing a kiss with Tracy Barlow and a scene with girlfriend/stepsister Tina McIntyre.

Jack has played David for 20 years! (Credit: ITV)

Jack also included David’s tougher moments which included being kidnapped by Richard Hillman, saying goodbye to wife Kylie, who was murdered and the shower scene when David realised he had been raped by Josh Tucker.

A post shared by Jack P. Shepherd (@jackpshepherd88) on

Jack captioned the post: “Today marks my 20th year anniversary playing the role of David Platt. Here’s a few photos of my life before I got the part and a few highlights of my character. Thank you @coronationstreet for everything.”

His friends and co-stars rushed to congratulate Jack on his achievement.

Our Girl star Michelle Keegan, who played Tina in Corrie from 2008 until 2014, commented: “Congratulations Jacky boy! Bloody amazing achievement, I hope that Tina tattoo is still imprinted on your arm. Here’s to the next 20 years xxx.”

David had a relationship with Tina, who later became his stepsister (Credit: ITV)

Ryan Thomas, who played David’s brother-in-law Jason Grimshaw joked: “No one mention!”

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy Barlow, aka Tracy McDonald, wrote: “Ha! X. Happy anniversary Jack.”

Coronation Street fans have seen Jack grow up on screen and seen David deal with a lot of heartache.

What is David’s current storyline?

David’s current storyline has seen him having to deal with his wife Shona forgetting who he is.

Kylie died in David’s arms (Credit: ITV)

Shona was shot on Christmas Day and eventually went into a coma. When she woke up, she had no memory of her life with David and his children Max and Lily.

All she seemed to remember is her own son Clayton, who killed David’s first wife Kylie and took Shona hostage last year.

Shona has no memory of her life with David (Credit: ITV)

Unable to remember all the bad things he’s done, or the fact she disowned him, Shona started contacting him again.

It was also revealed she wants to divorce David, leaving him heartbroken.

Will she ever remember who he is?

What are some of your favourite David Platt moments? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!

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NTAs: Coronation Street’s Katie McGlynn wins Best Serial Drama Performance | Entertainment Daily

There was tough competition for the Best Serial Drama Performance Award at the NTAs.

Katie McGlynn, from Coronation Street, was up against EastEnders’ Danny Dyer, Emmerdale’s Danny Miller and Hollyoaks’ Gregory Finnegan.

Katie’s character Sinead Osborne moved soap fans to tears as she died after being diagnosed with cancer in heart-wrenching scenes last year.

Danny’s Mick Carter, always popular with viewers, has faced a battle with panic attacks and wife Linda’s worsening alcoholism.

Danny Miller has been at his angst-ridden Aaron Dingle best as he dealt with husband Robert Sugden being sent down and disowning him.

And Gregory Finnegan has made baddie James Nightingale loveable as he struggles with the murder of partner Harry.

Viewers voted for Katie, who took to the stage and delivered a beautiful speech, thanking her late grandad for taking her to acting classes.

The actress choked back tears as she dedicated her award to women currently living with cervical cancer and their families.

The win was certainly popular with viewers, who flocked to offer congratulations on Twitter,

So glad to see Katie McGlynn win an award. #NTAs

— ((( Vashti bat Daf Yomi ))) (@chasetherain) January 28, 2020

So happy @KatiexMcGlynn won, she was absolutely brilliant in Sinead’s storyline, utterly heartbreaking

So glad she won, very well played, had me a right mess during the storyline, but so true to life

I do enjoy the #NTAs Not surprised that Katie McGlynn won, she thoroughly deserves that award. Personally, I couldn’t watch her final scenes had to turn off half way through. Too close to home. Well done @KatiexMcGlynn

— Sir Dean Hurrell ™ (@Dean_Hurrell) January 28, 2020

Couldn’t be happier seeing @KatiexMcGlynn win that award! Thoroughly deserved. What a beautiful person inside & out! Congratulations Katie #Corrie #NTAs

— Charlotte Morris (@CharlMoz2k8) January 28, 2020

Some viewers thought she over-egged her moment on stage with a long speech (well, we all would, surely?)…

Actually thought Katie McGlynn was never gonna leave the stage! #NTAs

— Sam B (@moonkiwielmo) January 28, 2020

Katie’s speech was so long they’ve had to cancel News at Ten. #NTAs

— Paul Lang (@rudemrlang) January 28, 2020

Jesus christ wrap it up Katie….#NTAs

I remember life before Katie Mcglynn’s speech, seems soo long ago now #NTAs

The year is 2055. Cars can fly, DFS still have a sale on, and Katie McGlynn is still making her speech at the National TV Awards #NTAs

— JD (@Jonny_Dodds) January 28, 2020

Harsh judgment, considering all the incredible work she put into the storyline.

Celebs seem determined to have their say tonight, as Ruth Jones carried on delivering her thank yous after accepting the Image award for Gavin & Stacey.

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