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(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The Movie: The Devil’s Advocate

Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

The Pitch: Hot-shot Southern lawyer Keanu Reeves gets recruited to join a big New York City law firm, but there’s a catch: his new boss, Al Pacino, is the devil!!!!!!!!!!

Why It’s Essential Quarantine Viewing: It’s okay to have fun with dumb movies. And The Devil’s Advocate is pretty damn dumb. Keanu Reeves uses a questionable Southern accent, Al Pacino chews the scenery so hard he’s in danger of breaking some teeth, and a pre-fame Charlize Theron is stuck in a mini Rosemary’s Baby remake, and all of this happens in the same movie. Clocking-in at an overwhelming 144 minutes, and featuring scenes where Pacino dips his fingers in holy water and causes the water to boilThe Devil’s Advocate is a blend of legal drama and horror melodrama, and it’s a hoot.

Before Keanu Reeves did The Matrix, he starred in The Devil’s AdvocateTaylor Hackford‘s epic-length horror drama about a lawyer in danger of losing his soul. Reeves is a hot-shot young attorney from Gainesville, Florida (even though his accent suggests he’s from somewhere in Alabama), who is willing to emotionally destroy a sexual assault victim on the witness stand in order to win a case. Reeves’ lapse of moral compass gets him noticed by a huge New York City law firm, and as we all know, law firms, in general, are evil, but New York City law firms are the evilest.

Soon, Reeves meets his new boss, John Milton, played by Al Pacino. Even though it’s abundantly clear that Milton is the devil incarnate, Reeves’ character remains oblivious and is easily wooed by the prospect of money and power. The same can’t be said of Reeves’ sweet-natured wife, played by Charlize Theron, who does much better with her accent. Theron’s character notices almost immediately that something is up with not just Milton but also everyone in Milton’s circle, including some of her new neighbors. She begins to have a complete breakdown, but Reeves is once again oblivious. Not only is he focused on his work, he’s also focused on one of his new coworkers, a sexy lawyer played by Connie Nielsen.

Full of sex, violence, and big special effects, The Devil’s Advocate feels like the type of movie that would never get made today, at least not by a big Hollywood studio for $57 million. Yet in 1997, the movie was a hit, raking in $153 million. Imagine that happening today. You can’t.

As much as I love Reeves, it’s fair to say he’s not very good in this movie. I don’t mean to keep harping on his accent, but it’s so distractingly bad (even worse than his infamous Dracula accent) that it almost completely sinks his performance. That’s okay, though, because the real draw here is Pacino. The Devil’s Advocate arrived in the midst of Pacino’s shouty phase. After the actor scored an Oscar for his loud performance in Scent of a Woman, Pacino seemed to believe that every performance going forward required him to YELL AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS. While some may take issue with that, it works perfectly here. Pacino’s Satanic lawyer is all about excess – he loves to talk about fucking, and he loves to laugh his ass off at stuff that really isn’t funny. And when someone dares challenge him, he sends demonic homeless people to beat that person to death.

It all culminates in a big, loud, special effects-heavy conclusion that feels like a huge cheat. But by then it’s okay, you’ve already had your fun with The Devil’s Advocate. And it’s had its fun with you.


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Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Meital Dohan Ends Relationship Due To 39-Year Age Gap

Al Pacino Meital Dohan RelationshipPA Images

Israeli actress Meital Dohan has ended her relationship with Al Pacino, as ‘it’s hard to be with a man so old’. 

Rumours of the 79-year-old’s split from Dohan, 40, had been circulating ever since he attended the 92nd Academy Awards alone two weeks ago.

The pair were together for two years, and while the actress maintains that it was ‘an honour’ to be with The Irishman star, their 39-year age gap proved too difficult in the end.

Al Pacino Meital DohanPA Images

Dohan, known for her role in Weeds, took part in an interview with Israel’s LaIsha magazine as theories continued to brew concerning the couple’s status (they were last seen together back in October, at the Los Angeles premiere of Martin Scorsese’s latest Oscar-nominated epic).

As per The Times of Israel, she told the outlet: 

It’s hard to be with a man so old, even Al Pacino. The age gap is difficult, yes. I tried to deny it, but now he is already an elderly man, to be honest. So even with all my love, it didn’t last.

When asked about their relationship and any gifts The Godfather legend had bought her, Dohan laughed off the suggestion their relationship was benefited by material purchases. ‘He only bought me flowers. How can I say politely that he didn’t like to spend money?’ she said.

Al Pacino Meital DohanPA Images

The pair reportedly met at a Hollywood after-party back in 2018, and started dating soon after. While they had a fight recently and their relationship came to an end, the actress hopes she remains good friends with Pacino, and is glad to have been part of ‘his legacy’.

Dohan explained: 

I had a fight with him and left him recently, but of course I really love and appreciate him, and I was glad to be there for him when he needed me, and to be a part of his legacy. It’s an honour for me. I’m glad this relationship happened between us, and hope we remain good friends.

Pacino previously dated Argentine actress Lucila Solá for more than a decade (whose daughter Camila Morrone has been in a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio since 2017).

Camila Sola, Al Pacino, Lucila Sola attending the 'Manglehorn' premiere at the 71nd Venice International Film Festival on August 30, 2014./picture alliancePA Images

The actor has three children from previous relationships, including 18-year-old twins Olivia and Anton with actress Beverly D’Angelo, whom he dated from 1996 to 2003. He also has a 30-year-old daughter, Julie Marie, with his former acting coach Jan Tarrant.

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