50 Cent Suggests Battling Snoop Dogg Instead of Ja Rule | Complex

50 Cent believes he has a better idea for who he should battle: Snoop Dogg.

Fif explained to Big Boy that his reasoning for proposing Snoop over Ja Rule was purely based on catalog, though 50 also couldn’t help himself, taking the chance to clown Ja.

“It would make more sense catalog wise, me and Snoop. Cause we could compete every step of the way,” 50 told Big Boy in an interview. “Ja Rule? He got like five, six good duets. The hit records are all him and Jennifer Lopez, him and Mary J. Blige, him and Ashanti. Him and … a woman, a female. All the records. He got one hit song by himself, ‘Holla Holla.’”

Fif continued, “They’re all doable records but they’re someone else’s,” he said. He then pointed to Stevie Wonder’s song “Do I Do,” which was referenced in Ja’s 2001 hit, “Livin’ It Up,” featuring Case.

During a recent interview with Hot 97, Ja Rule walked back his suggestion that he and 50 should go hit-for-hit in a Versuz Instagram battle, even though Ja told Fat Joe and Swizz Beatz that he would “behave” during a face-off.

“I don’t know if me and him can do that,” Ja told Hot 97’s Ebro Darden. “I don’t know if that would work. Just for respect of the culture. I would never want to disrespect the culture and let me and his little thing get into the love and respect of what Versuz has brought to the culture, for each other’s catalog and the artistry. I would never want to tarnish that.”

A couple of days later, Ja expounded on that thought in an IG Live with Kenny Burns: “You can only deal with [50 Cent] one way, and that’s the problem. That’s why I said it can’t be done,” Ja said, adding that he and everyone else knows how “petty and silly” 50 is, and how he likes to “talk dirty,” which is why the two could never act friendly in an IG battle.

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50 Cent Awarded An Extra $5K In Ongoing Teairra Mari Court Battle – The Shade Room

In what seems like a never ending court battle, 50 Cent has been awarded an extra $5K in his lawsuit against Teairra Mari.

According to The Blast, “According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a Los Angeles judge ordered Mari to pay $5,295.50 in sanctions. The court also ordered the reality star to hand over financial records to 50 Cent, to help him collect on the $30,000 she owes him in attorney fees.”

Last month, the Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient  filed documents alleging Teairra refused to turn over her bank statements and details of her Love & Hip Hop Hollywood earnings.

He goes on to claim that the singer has not paid one red cent, even though she was allegedly paid $100K for her role on the reality show.

“To date, Mari has failed to pay a single dime to Jackson in satisfaction of the Judgment despite earning over $100,000 this past year. Her previous claims under oath that she is “broke” no longer ring true, and it is more clear than ever that she has no intention of paying her debts.”

Roommates, if you remember, Teairra sued 50 for reposting a sexually graphic image of her, which was initially reposted by her  ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad, allegedly.  She hired Lisa Broomfield to fight the case and held a press conference, which was later dismissed.

50 refuted her claims and said the image was all over Al Gore’s innanet, before he even reposted it. Unfortunately, for the reality star, the judge sided with the rapper and stuck her with his attorney the sum of $30K.

Teairra has had her fair share of troubles. From battling alleged alcoholism, DUI, and a heartbreak woe she could definitely use a break.  Hopefully she can pay this debt and it’ll be one less thang she has to worry about. 

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