Carrie Symonds reveals she is pregnant with her second child with Boris

Carrie Johnson has today announced she is pregnant with her second child with Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister’s wife, 33, revealed on Instagram today that she is expecting a December birth.

She also revealed she suffered a miscarriage at the start of this year that left her ‘heartbroken’.

The couple were last seen together at England’s Euro 2020 clash with Denmark at Wembley on July 7

The post announcing the pregnancy to social media followers was accompanied by a picture of a small blue pram

Carrie broke the news that she was expecting a second child to followers on Instagram today

Carrie enjoys a cuddle with son Wilfred, whom she gave birth to in April last year, in a previous Instagram post

Carrie, seen with a push chair on April 21, gave birth to her first baby with the PM, Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson, last April

In a message to followers, she wrote: ‘At the beginning of the year, I had a miscarriage which left me heartbroken.¬†

‘I feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant again but I‚Äôve also felt like a bag of nerves.¬†

‘Fertility issues can be really hard for many people, particularly when on platforms like Instagram it can look like everything is only ever going well.¬†

‘I found it a real comfort to hear from people who had also experienced loss so I hope that in some very small way sharing this might help others too.’

The couple were last seen in public together at England’s Euro 2020 semi-final with Denmark at Wembley earlier this month.

She and Mr Johnson, 57, welcomed their first baby, Wilfred, at the end of April last year. 

Following the birth, she praised the staff who delivered her son, thanking UCLH on International¬†Day of the Midwife, captioning: ‘A big thank you from me too! You guys are incredible.’

The couple named their son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson, after their grandfathers and the hospital doctors who treated the Prime Minister for coronavirus.

Carrie Johnson has announced she is pregnant with her second child with Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson married his partner in a secret ceremony at Westminster Cathedral back in May this year, in front of a handful  of close friends and family.

It meant he became the first Prime Minister to marry in office since Lord Liverpool married Mary Chester in 1822.

Mrs Johnson gave birth to her son in London last year with her now husband at her side, days after he himself had been released from medical care following a lengthy battle with coronavirus.

In a heart-warming Instagram post revealing the boy’s name, Mrs Johnson said that the middle name Nicholas was a tribute to two NHS doctors, Dr Nick Price and Dr Nick Hart, who ‘saved Boris’ life last month’ following his personal fight against Covid.

The couple then also held a top-secret baptism for their son Рonly witnessed by a few family and friends in September, just days before new lockdown restrictions on social gatherings came into force.

There was no reception after the religious ceremony as Mr and Mrs Johnson were reportedly keen to set a good example for the public and abide by social distancing rules. 

The December arrival will mean the Prime Minister then has at least seven children, though he has not officially confirmed the exact number after leading a tangled love life that has seen him married twice.

Both marriages ended after he had affairs. It seems extraordinary that the number of children a Prime Minister has is not public record, yet that is the situation.

Mr Johnson and Marina Wheeler, who split in 2018, have four children together: Lara Lettice, 26, Milo Arthur, 24, Cassia Peaches, 22, and Theodore Apollo, 20.

He also has a fifth child, Stephanie Macintyre, with art consultant Helen Macintyre. Stephanie is allegedly one of two children he fathered as a result of an affair.

Mr Johnson met his first wife Allegra Mostyn-Owen while they were students at Oxford and they wed in 1987 but they were divorced in 1993.

In 2004 it emerged that Johnson was reportedly having an affair with journalist Petronella Wyatt who had fallen pregnant and had an abortion.

He was sacked from the Tory frontbench over the affair. In 2006 the News of the World reported Mr Johnson had had an affair with journalist Anna Fazackerley.

In September 2018, news about his relationship with former Tory communications chief Carrie Symonds came to light – and they later moved in together.

Here are the details on all five of Mr Johnson’s known children:

LARA LETTICE JOHNSON, 26 (born in 1993 to Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler) 

Lara Lettice Johnson with Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler in North London in May 2012

Lara was the first child born to Mr Johnson and Ms Wheeler, in 1993.

Just five weeks after her parents’ wedding day, Lara – who is only five years younger than Carrie Symonds – was born.

She attended Bedales School Рwhich costs £33,000-a-year Рin Hampshire and went on to read Latin at St Andrews University.

Lara allegedly branded her father a ‘selfish b******’ after his split with her mother.

She has previously been pictured in public with her parents, including when she casted a vote with them at a polling station in Islington, North London, during the London mayoral elections of May 2012.

The Prime Minister and Marina Wheeler, pictured after he won his Uxbridge seat in May 2015

MILO ARTHUR JOHNSON, 24 (born in 1995 to Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler)

Milo Arthur Johnson, 24, was educated at the £27,000-a-year Westminster School

Born in 1995, Milo was Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler’s first son.¬†

The 24-year-old was educated at the £27,000-a-year Westminster School and is said to be a keen sportsman. 

A 2011 issue of his school magazine described him as ‘delight to watch’ and said he was ‘without doubt the player of the season’ for his football skills.

Milo studied at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, graduating from there in 2014, and can speak Arabic, Russian and French.

He also worked as an intern in Dubai at men’s magazine Esquire Middle East.

After Mr Johnson and Ms Wheeler separated in 2018, the politician and Milo were photographed bringing tea for the Press outside his house in Oxfordshire.

Cassia Peaches Johnson, 22 (born in 1997 to Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler)

Cassia Peaches Johnson, 22

Cassia, thought to have followed in her father’s footsteps to be a writer, is the youngest daughter of Mr Johnson and Ms Wheeler.

She was born in 1997 and went to Highgate School Рwhich costs £18,000 per year.

During Cassia’s time at the private school she was a student editor of their alumni magazine Cholmeleian.

THEODORE APOLLO JOHNSON 20 (born in 1999 to Boris and Marina Wheeler)

Theodore Apollo Johnson, 20

Born in 1999, Theodore is Mr Johnson and his ex-wife Marina Wheeler’s youngest child.

He attended school in London before going to Cambridge University, unlike his father who attended Oxford.

He is listed on LinkedIn as ‘Theodore Johnson-Wheeler’ in a profile which states he started at Cambridge in 2017.

Theodore has also been labelled previously as something of a doppleganger for Mr Johnson, with the same distinctive hair colour and style.

STEPHANIE MACINTYRE, 11 (born in 2009 to Boris Johnson and Helen Macintyre)

Helen Macintyre (pictured), the mother of Boris Johnson’s fifth child Stephanie

He also has a fifth child, Stephanie Macintyre, with art consultant Helen Macintyre.

Stephanie is allegedly one of two children he fathered as a result of an affair.

The Appeal Court ruled in 2013 that the public had a right to know that he had fathered a daughter during an adulterous liaison while Mayor of London in 2009 – but also mentioned the possibility of a second baby.

The three appeal court judges said: ‘It was not material to the judge’s conclusion whether contraceptive precautions were taken.

‘What was material was that the father’s infidelities resulted in the conception of children on two occasions.

‘The judge was entitled to hold that this was of itself reckless behaviour, regardless of whether any contraceptive precautions were taken. ‘

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