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Jussie Smollett – Lee Daniels (Getty)

*Raise your hand if you’re NOT surprised to learn that Jussie Smollett and Lee Daniels are no longer on speaking terms.

OK then, raise your hand if you think it’s because of Smollett’s alleged hate-crime hoax.

Even though Smollett starred on the Daniels created and Fox hit show “Empire” for 5 seasons, we’re learning that the two often had issues over things such as R. Kelly being involved in Smollett’s career.

Smollett starred on Daniels’ Fox hit “Empire” for five seasons. But we’re told that the pair butted heads over, among other things, R. Kelly’s involvement in Smollett’s career.

Well, here’s the real deal. Smollett and Daniels’ “relationship is nonexistent, and it was tense even before Jussie’s attack incident,” an insider told Page Six.

It seems the problem was that Daniels wanted R. Kelly to write songs for Smollett’s “Empire” character. He also suggested that Kelly work on the actor’s own album.

However, Smollett was not feeling the idea at all and wanted nothing to do with Kelly, who already had a bad reputation in the music industry. Smollett “put his foot down,” the source said.

If you’re wondering, Page Six noted that a Fox rep denied Kelly ever wrote for the show or that Daniels asked him to do so.

On the other hand, Smollett would often complain to Fox execs about Daniels.

“It was things like that that did not sit well with Lee,” said the insider. “He [was frustrated by] Jussie because he was constantly going over his head to Fox about their creative differences.”

Unfortunately, as the world knows, in 2019 things fell apart for Smollett. He was charged with filing a false police report after it was claimed he hired brothers Abel and Ola Osundairo to supposedly stage a racist and homophobic assault on him in Chicago. Charges were dropped, but a special prosecutor re-examined the case, and fresh charges were filed against Smollett in February.

So, what does Daniels have to say about this? Basically, nothing except that it’s not true.

“The information regarding my relationship with Jussie prior to his departure from ‘Empire’ is false.” And “I have no personal or professional relationship with R. Kelly. I never have.”

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