[PHOTOS] ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3: The Best Moments, Ranked


If you’ve yet to watch Yellowstone’s finale, you might want to put off reading this countdown for a spell, as it most definitely contains spoilers for Sunday’s climactic finale. Otherwise, go ahead and dive in, because we’re going to relive Season 3’s highlights — or, well, lowlights if your name happens to be Wade Morrow.

Included in our list are the moment that Beth dropped her guard and copped to the role that she hoped to play in Rip’s future; Jamie’s accidental discovery that, while he might always be the black sheep of the Dutton family, that wasn’t his original family; and the scene in which Jimmy learned that being hospitalized with a broken back (for starters!) might just be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Along the way, we also cover the confrontation that resulted from John learning how far back Jamie’s history of rat-bastardy-ness went, the ultra-successful chemistry test that served as Josh Holloway’s introduction to the Paramount Network series, and a kiss that was surprisingly sweet when you remember how much sexual harassment had preceded it. (Yeah, lookin’ at you, Teeter!)

Wanna go back and relive Season 3 all over again? Considering how long a wait we have in front of us before we get to Season 4, we do, too. So to check out our picks for the 12 biggest twists of these 10 tumultuous episodes, flip through the photo gallery above, then hit the comments with any developments that you would have added to the list.

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