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Don Coscarelli’s The Beastmaster is the very definition of a cult classic. The film found its way into many a young viewers hearts during its cable TV run and was known among many young folks for its nudity. Outside of that though, The Beastmaster was just awesome. Now, the director told Entertainment Weekly that he is looking to get it remade and more importantly, he is currently looking for the films now lost, original negatives in hopes of doing a proper restoration.

“Every time some other movie gets remade Conan, whatever people start saying, ‘Hey, how come there’s not a new Beastmaster? How can that be?’ It’s like, ‘Uh, we don’t have the rights.’ Now, thank goodness, it’s coming to fruition.” Pepperman (The Beastmaster writer) told Entertainment Weekly.

“We’re going to start taking it out and talking to companies and studios about doing a remake or a reboot of the original movie, a lot of latchkey kids watched that movie over and over again. Now they’re adults, and, with luck, some of them are running studios. So, we’ll see what happens.” Coscarelli said.

In addition, to a remake Coscarelli is looking for his original negatives for The Beastmaster. He even went as far as creating a website ( in hopes of a collector happening upon it and assisting in the restoration.

“It’s basically six film cans and then outside it would have The Beastmaster and it’s called ‘Original camera negative,’ ‘OCN. We have all of this on the website and there’s a trail of where the negative went and where it went missing. There’s a chance I just went into a dumpster, never to be seen again. But there are a lot of rabid film collectors out there. A lot of times they gather up this stuff and it’s of uncertain lineage. A lot of them hang onto it because they don’t want to tell people they have it, or whatever. This would be an open license be a hero to a generation of Beastmaster fans.”

We are hopeful that Coscarelli is successful in both remaking The Beastmaster and in restoring his original film.

So, keep your eyes out The Beastmaster fans. You never know who may now posses the film’s original negatives.

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