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When would you say South African Hip-Hop was in it’s prime? Would you say the culture still has the voice and influence it had at that time right now? Alarmed, rapper and hip hop pioneer, K.O, does not think so. Taking to twitter this morning, K.O has expressed his thoughts and feelings towards where the culture is right now, and the direction he sees it heading towards, with the constant decline of our impact as a fraternity being the major concern.

SA hiphop I hope we’re all cognizant and taking notes from the constant decline of our impact as a fraternity – coz I am ????????‍♂️. Amapiano still moving things, Gqom and House are reserging. We’re not a threat to no one cos our sound/attitude doesn’t resonate anymore…

— K.O (@MrCashtime)

Couple of INDIVIDUALS from hiphop are obviously still doing their thing but it’s the contrary for hiphop as a fraternity/culture. The overall Top 100 iTunes chart says it all. It’s our job to fix this! Let’s make music with our people & their stories in mind again. REPRESENT! ????????

— K.O (@MrCashtime)

I don’t condone beef but it exists in other genres as well. I swear I’ve seen some type of smoke between Phori & kaybee. My view is solely based on how SA hiphop sounds nothing else https://t.co/UsXLF2moLH

— K.O (@MrCashtime)

Passing the torch in my view is the numerous artists I’ve signed and introduced to the scene. I hope you don’t mean established artists must stop making music so new guys can be noticed https://t.co/0Hh1xFWNqO

— K.O (@MrCashtime)

My sentiments exactly! And we’re all to blame https://t.co/u57JGugSwm

— K.O (@MrCashtime)

What is that new SA hiphop sound? Please teach me fam. If we’re talking about opening up the industry I’m signing artists, even at a time when majors aren’t looking at taking the risk https://t.co/xOvxmiGe67

— K.O (@MrCashtime)

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