Let’s pour it out! Netflix renews ‘Sweet Magnolias’ for season 2! –

Who’s ready to pour it out and return to Serenity? Netflix has made our quarantine with the announcement that they’ve renewed one of our new favorite series, Sweet Magnolias for a second season.

Sweet Magnolias, which premiered May 19, was just the kind of television show we needed during quarantine. If you love Hallmark movies, this show is for you! It was everything a great southern drama should be, complete with man-candy and ships — both young and old — that were enough to make you swoon.

We’re ready to pour it out with these three wonderful ladies for another season!

But perhaps most important, this second season renewal gives us clarity, if nothing else. If you haven’t watched Sweet Magnolias — what are you waiting for?! — the season one finale ended with a monster of a cliffhanger (read our speculation here).

Sweet Magnolias, based on the bestselling series of the same name by Sherryl Woods, tells the story of three best friends — Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen — and their hectic, but sometimes blessed lives. More than that, there are a whole cast of secondary characters that get to shine — including the kids, Tyler, Annie, and Kyle, as well as arguably the most beautiful man on this show, Erik.

I mean, Netflix simply couldn’t deny us more Erik. JUST LOOK AT HIM.

There are so many storylines left to be told in this series, which makes us so thrilled for what’s to come in season 2. The season 1 finale cliffhanger presents so many amazing story arcs for multiple characters, and we can’t wait to see how this town and these characters will be impacted.

One of the best and most surprising parts of Sweet Magnolias was how amazing the kids were on this show. While they were somewhat secondary characters, they really held their own opposite some incredible actors. And given the events of the season one finale, there’s reason to believe there are big things in store for Ty, Annie, and Kyle.

Not to mention, Sweet Magnolias gave us the epic slowburn that is Ty and Annie, which was just one of several ships that had us clamoring for more.

We’re more than ready for some more Ty and Annie in season 2!

While we don’t know when Sweet Magnolias season 2 will premiere on Netflix, just knowing there’s a second season is enough to keep us satisfied. We’re going to take note from Hamilton — we’re willing to wait for it. Just, not too long, please.

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