DJ Cuppy considers marriage after Nicki Minaj announces her pregnancy

Nigerian singer and disc jockey, DJ Cuppy reacted the pregnancy news of American rapper, Nicki Minaj, by stating that she may now rethink marriag.

Nicki Minaj had in Monday, shared baby bump photos showing herself in a two-piece – photos announcing that she is expecting her first child with her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Reacting to the pictures, DJ Cuppy wrote on Twitter that it might be time for her too to consider marriage.

“OMG! @NickiMinaj is PREGNANT. My Queen hath spoketh! Maybe it’s time I think about settling down too…?” she wrote.

OMG! @NickiMinaj is PREGNANT 😍😭🥰😅 My Queen hath spoketh! Maybe it’s time I think about settling down too…?

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Tokyo Drift Had To Hire A Fall Guy To Get Arrested On Set

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Everyone on a film set has a job. Lots of people are all around, but everybody does one little thing to make sure the whole operation works smoothly. And—I can’t believe I didn’t already know this—in the case of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, one guy held the prestigious job of “get arrested pretending to be the director.”

I bumped into this story from two days ago put up by ScreenRant that explains how getting filming permits in Tokyo is hard, getting them in the popular tourist district of Shibuya is harder, and getting them as an up-and-coming Western director was basically impossible, so the movie studio went about things the only way it could. Per ScreenRant:

The studio was well aware of the difficulty in acquiring film permits in Japan; in fact, most movies set in the city are shot at other locations and reproduced to look like Tokyo. Ever since the James Bond 1967 film, You Only Live Twice, laws and regulations have become more strict. The process is expensive and frustrating, so Tokyo-set movies are rarely authentic. Some directors went to great lengths to shoot on-location, like the case with Sofia Coppola negotiating heavily to film 2003’s Lost in Translation. Lin, however, was still a newcomer at the time, so he took the risk. Universal then hired a “fall guy” who remained on set if trouble arose. Shortly after shooting in Shibuya, the crew was kicked out of the area by law enforcement. When the police attempted to arrest the director, the fall guy claimed that he was Lin and spent a night in jail.

ScreenRant also notes that a lot of the actual famous scene uses CGI, which is pretty clear when you watch it again:


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G/O Media may get a commission

Now, this story doesn’t actually source anything, but luckily enough for me, Justin Lin actually talked to the press about this incident when the movie was coming out, so I can pull this from DigitalSpy, posted the day before the movie’s release in 2009:

Lin told DS that Universal hired a “fall guy” to accompany him in Tokyo because Japanese authorities refuse to give out permits for location shoots.

The director explained: “When we went to shoot in Tokyo it’s a very different culture. They don’t give out film permits. We would be setting up a scene and people would just walk right through the set. I had this one guy, I thought he said he was me. I didn’t know what that meant.

“I wanted to shoot in Shibuya, which is the most crowded place in Tokyo. The cops, they’re all so polite, so it takes ten minutes for them to come over and kick you out. They shut us down, I’d gotten all my shots, but I didn’t know they were going to arrest me. Another guy stepped up and said, ‘I’m the director.’ I found out that it was his job to take the fall for me. He went to jail for the night and I’m forever grateful.”

This still seemed a little weird that the “fall guy” never gets a name in these stories, so I kept looking and found this from 2014, posted by Moveable Feast. It was a summary of comments made by Justin Lin at a film festival screening of Tokyo Drift, discussing some little-known facts about shooting. In it we get a hint at who the guy was:

Film permits weren’t an option for the production since they don’t grant them in Tokyo, so Lin had to run-and-gun in the city, particularly any time he filmed at the famously busy intersection Shibuya Crossing. The crew learned they’d have about 20 minutes of shooting time before police would arrive to stop filming and when the police would ask who was the director, one member of the crew (who would also play the bathhouse attendant in the film) made it his job to announce himself as the director so he would be carted off for a night in jail instead of Lin. “He was the Japanese me,” said Lin.

OK! The bathhouse attendant. I remember that scene. Our hero goes to collect some money from a man in a bathhouse, who turns out to be Konishiki! Konishiki was born in Hawaii and became the first foreign wrestler to reach the second-highest rank in sumo, ōzeki, which is some serious shit. Less serious but equally impressive: people would call him “Meat Bomb.” Very rad.

In any case, here’s that scene:

Only one guy in there could really be called a “bathhouse attendant” and it’s this dude here:

Illustration for article titled Tokyo Drift Had To Hire A Fall Guy To Get Arrested On Set

If you are the guy who got arrested pretending to be Justin Lin, our email is tips at jalopnik dot com. We would love to hear how your night went.

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Canadian punk legend Mr. Chi Pig dead at 57 – BC News –

Photo: Facebook
Chi Pig on stage.

Canada’s punk scene is mourning one of its legends with the death of legendary SNFU lead singer Mr. Chi Pig aged 57 June 16.

Kendall Stephen Chinn was an enigmatic musician and artist known for higher-than- high-octane performances with the hardcore punk band formed in 1981 in Edmonton, relocating to Vancouver in 1992.

Social media reaction to news of Chi Pig’s passing was fast.

“He was a true f**king East Van Bohemian & Punk Rock Queen in the very best sense of those words,” wrote Anna Stewart on Facebook. “I’ll never forget his live performances at the Smilin’ Buddha and other Vancouver spots, his blistering energy and dope style.”

Chinn was born on Oct. 19, 1962 to a German mother and Chinese father, both now dead. He was the second-youngest of 12 children.

He met brothers Marc and Brent Belke through skateboarding in Edmonton in 1981 and formed the band Live Sex Show. The short-lived group soon transformed into Society’s No F**king Use or SNFU. Chinn was a lyricist and a charismatic frontman, frequently incorporating masks, puppets and other props into shows. A prolific artist, he also created much cover art.

The hardcore punk band became a burgeoning skatepunk subculture mainstay.

Between 1985 and 2013, the band released eight albums as well as one live and one compilation release. Almost 30 members have come and gone through the band through the years but Chinn remained the centrepiece.

While the band’s success began to mount, Chinn began a long battle with hard drugs.

He also began open identification as a homosexual. His early life was marked with trauma and later received a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

He’d been given a month to live in late 2019, a diagnosis that shook him somewhat, but did not preclude fleeing hospital earlier this year for a run to his East Vancouver haunts.

Long-time friend Chris Walter has documented much of Canada’s punk scene in his books, including ‘SNFU . . . What No One Else Wanted to Say.’

“SNFU did not seem like obvious candidates for punk rock stardom—yet by combining the flamboyant stage antics and political lyricism of singer Chi Pig with the infectious guitar attack of Marc and Brent Belke, SNFU rose up to take not just Edmonton but the entire world by storm,” reads the back cover of a re-release memorial edition due out in several weeks.

Chi Pig was not a stage presence, Walter said. Chi Pig and Chinn were one and the same.

“He was 100% Chi Pig and zero percent anyone else,” Walter said. “He just absolutely had a desire to create and an urge to create.”

But, he was happiest on stage, Walter said.

“That’s where he belonged.”

“He was a total pro.”

Walter said his friend was frequently a mystery to him and many others.

Sometimes, Walter would be observing the singer creating art. “I’d be watching him and wondering ‘where did he come up with that?’ It was hard to fathom. He had an active imagination.”

And that fertile mind translated to the lyric process as well. Walter said Chinn would take fragments of ideas, concepts he’d noted in his scrapbook and create from there.

“He assembled his songs like Frankenstein’s monster,” Walter said.

It was this enigmatic presence that attracted people to the singer, Walter said.

“He’s generally just different from everyone else,” Walter said. “He’s just kind of a mystery. He was so weird, they just wanted to get to know him.”

But, woe to the fan who pushed him or invaded his personal space.

“If you pushed him too far, he’d lose it,” Walter said. “His bandmates kept overzealous fans away.”

No specific cause of death has been released. “He had a lot of medical issues,” Walter said. “It wasn’t COVID.”

He often held court at Vancouver’s Pub 340 or perhaps The Cambie Pub, liked steak tartare, loved to travel, and had read chef Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential repeatedly.

Chinn was the subject of a 2010 documentary entitled Open Your Mouth and Say…Mr. Chi Pig produced by Prairie Coast Films and directed by Sean Patrick Shaul. It featured such punk luminaries as Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene and now Burnaby city councillor Joey Keithley of D.O.A.

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Stranger Things season 4: release date, trailer, cast and what we know | TechRadar

Stranger Things season 4 filming was well underway… until the coronavirus pandemic effectively shut down entertainment production the world over. While we may soon see filming resume on the Netflix sci-fi smash hit, it’s worth noting that we know a fair amount about Stranger Things season 4 already, with an official trailer revealing what happened to Hopper (David Harbour) after the end of season 3. 

Hopper, then, is alive and in a Russian prison. So what else can we expect from Stranger Things season 4? The overall story is kept under lock and key, of course, but the scripts have been finished. Fan speculation also points towards season 4 taking place against the backdrop of 1986’s Chernobyl disaster, which seems to line up timing-wise. 

Here’s everything we know about Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix so far, including its likely release date, production updates, and more. 

Spoilers for the first three seasons of Stranger Things follow.

Stranger Things season 4 trailer: Hopper is alive!

A welcome gift on Valentine’s Day? Stranger Things have happened. 14, 2020

There is one Stranger Things season 4 trailer so far, and you can watch it above. It’s just a teaser, but it’s our only glimpse of the next season right now.

At the end of Stranger Things season 3, when Russian soldiers said “the American” should not be the victim fed to a captive Demogorgon in a mid-credits teaser, fans knew who they were referring to. It could only be one man: Jim Hopper (David Harbour). This trailer confirmed that theory. 

Along with the Stranger Things season 4 trailer above, which sheds light on where Hopper ended up after the ending of the last season, show creators the Duffer brothers issued a statement on what’s happened to the character back in February 2020.

The Duffer brothers said they were “excited to officially confirm that production on Stranger Things 4 is now underway – and even more excited to announce the return of Hopper!” 

“Although it’s not all good news for our ‘American’; he is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human…and other. Meanwhile, back in the States, a new horror is beginning to surface, something long buried, something that connects everything…

“Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet, and we cannot wait for everyone to see more. In the meantime – pray for the American.” 

All indications are that season 4 is going to get even darker. Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harington, claims this season is the “scariest yet” to Total Film, and David Harbour (Hopper) said to Deadline that while his character was cheerier earlier in the show’s run, his journey this season will be “painted in a bit of a darker palette.”

stranger things season 4 release date

Stranger Things season 4 release date

Stranger Things 4: the complete season. #ST4 18, 2020

The Stranger Things season 4 release date hasn’t been revealed yet. Netflix tends to angle its release date around public holidays such as Halloween for season 2, or the 4th of July for season 3 – depending on the time of year within Stranger Things itself. While the script is complete – as you can see in the tweet above – production began in March 2020, but is currently at a standstill due to the coronavirus.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, production on Stranger Things season 4 may return on September 17, 2020. Sources claim that, as the cast were told in a letter, that Netflix is considering restarting work in Georgia. There tends to be 1-2 years lead time between each season, so an early to mid-2021 date seems likely.

While we’re still waiting on news of production returning to normal, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) gave us an update on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (via Entertainment Weekly): “[The crew] already shot two weeks in Lithuania… We were just about to get into it, but for everyone’s safety and well-being and health, obviously, production stopped,” Brown said. “But we’re ready to get back to work as soon as this is all over.”

hop told us to leave the door open 3 inches…you’re welcome 3, 2020

So a Spring season will likely be the best case scenario – that is, if current plot threads end up leading the show’s story to the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred April 26, 1986, which isn’t long after the 1985 setting of Season 3. (Yes, this theory is from Reddit, but it’s pretty legit, okay?)

But will Stranger Things season 4 be the final year of the show? In an interview with Vulture, Ross Duffer hinted the series would be “a four-season thing and then out.” Series producer Shawn Levy clarified that “The truth is we’re definitely going four seasons and there’s very much the possibility of a fifth. Beyond that, it becomes I think very unlikely” (via Entertainment Weekly).

Stranger Things Season 4 cast: who’s returning?

Brett Gelman plays Murray Bauman in Stranger Things

Despite the fact that Stranger Things has now been officially renewed, there are no official casting announcements. However, you can be sure you’ll get a lot of the same faces as season 3 – including Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Sadie Sink (Max), and Joe Keery (Steve Harrington). And, of course, Hopper (David Harbour).

Maya Hawke (Robin), a newcomer for season 3, quickly became a fan favorite – and will almost certainly be a big presence – while Caleb’s younger sister Erica (played by Priah Ferguson) will likely continue to enjoy a larger role in the show.

Who won’t we be seeing? Spoilers ahead (obviously), but we don’t expect to see Dacre Montgomery (Billy) or Alec Utgoff (Alexei) again, though the showrunners could always surprise us. Heck, why not bring back Barb? 

Hopper’s new situation means the cast is likely to expand. In Matt Duffer’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said: “I think the biggest thing that’s going to happen is it’s going to open up a little bit, not necessarily in terms of scale, in terms of special effects, but open up in terms of allowing plotlines into areas outside of Hawkins.”

Will Stranger Things season 4 be in 4K / HDR?

The neon-lit shopping mall of Season 3 was a highlight of Stranger Things

If you’re interested in Stranger Things’ good looks as well – as you should be – you may be wondering what video formats the next season will be filmed in.

All three seasons so far have been filmed in 4K Ultra HD resolution, meaning anyone with a 4K TV and a strong enough internet connection will be able to watch in a huge amount of detail. Seasons 2-3 are also in HDR (high dynamic range), meaning an expanded range of colors and enhanced contrast – important for a show awash with bright colors, dazzling neon, and moody skies – though again you’ll need an HDR-compatible screen to make the most of it.

Netflix also uses the Dolby Vision HDR format, rather than the competing HDR10+ standard – we know this is a lot to think about with your next TV, but some only support one format over the other.

Stranger Things season 4 is one of our most anticipated Netflix series

Stranger Things has kept finding ways to reinvent itself, with new spooky threats, changes in locations, popular new characters and intriguing relationship developments over the course of the series. 

Taking Hopper to Russia should be a great jumping off point for more adventures in this fictional universe. We can’t wait to watch the show again.

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Leeds targeting Champions League after Premier League return, says chief executive Angus Kinnear | Football News | Sky Sports


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Leeds United chief executive Angus Kinnear says they are aiming to finish in the top six of the Premier League
Leeds United chief executive Angus Kinnear says they are aiming to finish in the top six of the Premier League

Leeds United chief executive Angus Kinnear says the club’s “vision” is to return to the Champions League after reaching their “base camp” by securing promotion to the Premier League.

The West Yorkshire club’s return to the top flight after 16 years was confirmed on Friday as West Brom lost to Huddersfield, before Brentford’s defeat to Stoke on Saturday ensured the Championship title.

Leeds played in European competition for five consecutive seasons between 1998 and 2003, reaching the Champions League semi-finals in 2001, and Kinnear believes a return to such heights is realistic.

“Whilst we’re celebrating, whilst we’re all very excited, we’ve got back to where we belong. This really is base camp for Leeds United,” said Kinnear, who was appointed by Leeds in 2017.



Former Leeds defender Danny Mills says Marcelo Bielsa has done a phenomenal job in guiding the club to the Premier League
Former Leeds defender Danny Mills says Marcelo Bielsa has done a phenomenal job in guiding the club to the Premier League

“Leeds United shouldn’t be a Championship side, they should be a Premier League side, so really the challenge starts now and it’s about competing in the PL.

“Now it’s going to be really about building on that and making sure that over the next few years we start to compete at the level Leeds should be competing in, which ultimately is the top six, and that’s always been our aim.

“Leeds should have a Premier League team. Candidly, Leeds should have a Champions League team and that’s the vision.”

‘Bielsa has fallen in love with the club’

Head coach Marcelo Bielsa has overseen Leeds return to the top flight, ensuring they bounced back after suffering a play-off semi-final defeat to Derby last year in his debut campaign.

The former Argentina manager had already established himself as a hugely popular figure with the club’s fanbase, largely thanks to the expansive playing style he has implemented at Elland Road.

The 64-year-old’s current contract expires at the end of the season, but Kinnear is confident an extension will be agreed with owner Andrea Radrizzani and sporting director Victor Orta.



Leeds players celebrated their promotion to the Premier League in front of their fans at Elland Road
Leeds players celebrated their promotion to the Premier League in front of their fans at Elland Road

“Victor, Andrea and I will be straight in with Marcelo next week and talking about plans for next season,” Kinnear said.

“He has a review, he knows the direction he wants to take the club in and it will go from things we need on the playing side, right through to changes he wants to be made at Thorp Arch and in the backroom staff, and obviously his own personal arrangements as well we need to resolve.

“The challenge with Marcelo is his intentions are always a bit of a mystery because he’s always focused on the next game and you’re a brave man to try to distract him from the task of the next match.

“I think he’s fallen in love with the club. I think he’s committed to it.”

‘We’re working on transfer targets’

With the 2020-21 Premier League season expected to start in mid-September, clubs will have just seven weeks after the completion of the current campaign to strengthen their squads.

The Premier League have confirmed that the summer transfer window will run from July 27 to October 5, with an additional domestic-only window added to run until October 16.

Kinnear admits that the shortened window is a bigger challenge for promoted sides, who will need make improvements, but he is confident in the current squad and believes the club can benefit from its global fanbase and commercial potential.



The story of Leeds’ 16-year journey back to the Premier League following their relegation in 2004
The story of Leeds’ 16-year journey back to the Premier League following their relegation in 2004

“We know we need to strengthen. Targets have been identified. We’re working on them already, we’re working on them now – today it’s started in earnest. And (we know) that recruitment is going to be the biggest challenge because the window is so short,” Kinnear said.

“If you look at our business model, the size of our fanbase means that we can generate commercial revenues in the top third of the Premier League teams.

“With the TV money being fairly evenly spread other than the performance related element, it means we immediately have a competitive advantage if we can harness that fanbase and use those resources to compete in the transfer market.

“I think next year the team will go out every week and play swashbuckling, attacking football, will show absolutely no fear, will show no team any respect. We’re not going to be scared and I think we’ll give Leeds supporters another year they can be proud of.”

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