A Live-Action ‘Wishbone’ Movie Is In The Works


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Did you kids enjoy Wishbone? The clever and adventurous Jack Russell Terrier that can do just about anything!

If they did, you are going to love this news (and so will they)… A Live-Action ‘Wishbone’ Movie Is In The Works!

It is reportedly in talks but we do know that the Green Book Oscar-winning producer Peter Farrelly is producing the live-action feature alongside Mattel Films.

The film will be based on the live-action series that ran from 1996 to 2001 on PBS, which followed a Jack Russell terrier named Wishbone and his adventures through stories from classic literature.

‘Wishbone’— the Jack Russell terrier with a penchant for literary classics— is getting the feature film treatment via #Oscar winner Peter Farrelly https://t.co/UwgMT2Jo0n

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR)

He honestly always reminded me of Sherlock Holmes only as a dog.

With this live-action movie, fans will be able to see these adventures play out on the big screen.

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As of right now we don’t have a release date yet but I am so excited.

I am truly loving all of these live-action movies. I mean, have you seen the Live-Action Lion King? It was incredible!

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As soon as we know more, we will certainly update you!

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