Davido reacts after Kiddominant and Peruzzi revealed they wrote most of his hit songs – Naija Gbedu

Davido has reacted after Peruzzi and Kiddominant revealed during an Instagram Live session that they wrote most of his hit songs.

During the live video, Peruzzi revealed that he’s written top hits for Davido. He said he wrote FIA, Nwa Baby, Risky and Assurance. On his part, Kiddominant said he wrote hits for Davido, including Dodo, Fall, The Money, and Like Dat.

The singer, who was being discussed, appeared to be watching the live video and he dropped a comment to let viewers know that he too has written something.

He commented: “SHEKPE !!!…. at least I write that one.”

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Grohl’s Isolated drums on Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, by Nirvana is one of the world’s most iconic songs ever written. Kurt Cobain’s classic vocal captured the feeling of a generation and has continued to fuel angst-ridden teenagers who believe in Mr Cobain more than anyone else. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Yet while Cobain’s vision, lyrics and vocals were one thing, Krist Novoselic’s nous for authenticity was another, much of the song’s success can be pinned under the name of Dave Grohl, the band’s imperious drummer.

Cobain has said that the song gave Nirvana the proverbial gateway into mainstream and stated he was even trying to write the “ultimate pop song” when composing the song. Lyrically the song is a perfect balance of the anthemic and the intricate, something mirrored in Grohl’s performance.

Released in 1991 on September 10 from album Nevermind the iconic song initially didn’t chart and only really had an impact on the band’s fanbase at the time. But soon enough ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ began finding airtime on local radio stations and across the country the song began to pick up notoriety. When it hit MTV everything changed.

Suddenly the group would find themselves in the blinding glare of the spotlight. Their album began to fly off the shelves and they were given prime spots on late-night TV shows. They quickly rose up the charts and Nirvana’s name had been set in stone as the forefront of this new thing called grunge. The legend will go down in the history of music and none of it would’ve been possible without that song.

Dave Grohl, lead singer of Foo Fighters, way before the Foos were even an idea was, of course, Nirvana’s iconic drummer. As much as Cobain’s vocals it was his powerful drumming style the moved the band on. Their previous drummer Chad Channing had been a more than the respectable player but Grohl entered the fray as a man possessed. A relative kid, the young drummer was another face of generation X making his name.

Often overshadowed by the legacy Cobain left behind, Grohl’s contribution to the band should not be forgotten. When you get down to it and listen to the precise and powerful percussion with the help of the isolated drum track below, it is easy to see how the song is given extra weight by Grohl.

Often classed as the reason Nirvana eventually ‘made it’ out of the Seattle underground scene, his drumming is the perfect punctuation to Cobain’s words. The track has so much force behind it, it hooks in whole generations.

Right from the get-go ‘Teen Spirit” starts with a drum fill that is instantly recognisable. He doesn’t hold back, and he never gives up, dropping bomb after bomb and enjoying every furious minute of it. Listen below to Dave Grohl’s isolated drum track on Nirvana’s anthemic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

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20 iconic album covers created by Andy Warhol

“The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.” – Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, the artist, film director, and producer who acted as a pioneering figure of the pop art movement, always knew that the act of creating was something he was born to do.

His life’s mission, to birth differing forms of visual art, spilt onto canvas, film, sculpture, photography and, on many occasions the covers of music albums representing now-iconic artists.

In the late 1950s, as the record industry began to expand at an extraordinary rate, Warhol was hired by both Columbia and RCA Records on a freelance basis to create album covers and promotional content and, from there, carried the skill throughout his career.

When Warhol arrived in New York he met with his schoolmate George Klauber who was, at the time, working for a creative agency run by Will Burtin. Klauber did Warhol a favour and introduced him to Burtin and the opportunity to work with Columbia’s, and later RCA’s, art director Robert M. Jones.

Robert M. Jones remembered it fondly and suggested that the commissions may have been his first: “I gave him three little spots to do for the corners of the standard albums. He needed money. I never kept any records but I know that these little spots must have been amongst the first things he did, certainly in the first three to six months he was here. I gave him three different ones to do, at $50 apiece. And two days later he came back with a stack of drawings like that to satisfy the three drawings we needed.”

Here, we delve into some of Warhol’s most iconic album cover creations:

Carlos Chávez
A Program of Mexican Music – (1949)

Widely regarded as the first-ever album cover designed by Warhol who, at the time of creating it, was aged 21.

Carlos Chávez, the Mexican composer, conductor and music theorist required a record sleeve for A Program of Mexican Music and Warhol delivered a modest result with a brief glimpse into his illustration future.

Gioachino Rossini
William Tell Overture; Semiramide Overture – (1953)

A bold and striking design, this cover foreshadows the strong point of view Warhol would take up in the sixties. Taking on Arturo Toscanini conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra, Rossini’s “William Tell Overture”, he uses the symbol of the apple to tell the whole story.

Count Basie
Count Basie – (1955)

Next up was the self-titled record of jazz pianist Count Basie which featured a stunning portrait fo the man himself. The musician’s face only enhanced by the block type.

Thelonious Monk
Monk – (1956)

Warhol added what would become his signature flair to the legendary jazz pianist’s 1956 release Monk which comprised some of his most sensational recordings between 1953-1954 for the Prestige label.

Kenny Burrell
Blue Lights, Volume 1 – (1958)

Blue Lights is another album to be graced by Warhol’s work as the record from American jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell recorded in 1958 and released on the Blue Note label as two 12 inch LPs entitled Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Tennessee Williams
Reading From the Glass Menagerie, The Yellow Book and Five Poems – (1960)

The next record Warhol took on was something a little different and a stretch from his previous work in jazz. This LP would be a spoken word piece from none other than the legendary writer, Tennessee Williams. The artist would continue to pay homage to the writer throughout his career.

John Wallowitch
This Is John Wallowitch – (1964)

Prolific American songwriter and cabaret performer John Wallowitch’s debut LP’s cover artwork was designed by Warhol, who was a close associate of the obscure singer’s esteemed photographer brother Edward Wallowitch who the artist was also romantically linked to for a brief period of time.

The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico – (1967)

If there’s one iconic album artwork that almost everyone will know is and Andy Warhol piece it’s this one. The 1966 self-titled album from Factory superstars.

Not only was the banana’s striking image a tongue in cheek one, it was also an interactive piece and featured a peelable skin to reveal a blushing pink fruit.

The Rolling Stones
Sticky Fingers – (1971)

Following on from his famous work with The Velvet Underground, Warhol took four years before creating another album cover it had to be something special to lure him back in and it doesn’t get more special than The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers LP.

The suggestive image was conceived by Warhol with the photography and upon hearing the artist’s direction for the cover Jagger apparently instantly became infused with the zipper idea that the pioneering artist concocted.

The Rolling Stones
Brown Sugar / Bitch / Let It Rock – (1971)

Warhol was also behind the artwork for the lead EP from The Stones’ Sticky Fingers record which continued with the sexually evocative theme from the album cover that he created.

John Cale
The Academy in Peril – (1972)

His next venture would see him reunite with The Velvet Underground’s John Cale on his 1972 masterpiece The Academy in Peril which was the second solo record by the Camarthen native with Warhol reverting back to a more signature aesthetic than with his work with The Rolling Stones.

Paul Anka
The Painter – (1976)

The New Yorker then took four years off working on record covers before producing this portrait of Paul Anka for the Canadian singer-songwriter’s 1976 effort The Painter.

The Rolling Stones
Love You Live – (1977)

Continuing his relationship with The Rolling Stones, Warhol returned to working with the group and designed the artwork for their 1977 live double album Love You Live.

However; much to the artist’s dismay, Jagger had taken the decision to add hand-written titles to the cover art which angered Warhol and signalled the end of their working relationship.

Liza Minnelli
At Carnegie Hall – (1981)

Long-time close friend Liza Minnelli was his next project when he produced the artwork for her live album at New York’s Carnegie Hall for and the entertainer is reported to have 22 pieces of art depicting her that she cherishes which Warhol created for which is worth a staggering $40million.

Billy Squier
Emotions in Motion – (1982)

Billy Squier can count himself among the plethora of stars to have been given his very own Warhol portrait. The album was a second consecutive top 5 entry into the charts and featured the hit song ‘Everybody Wants You’.

Diana Ross
Silk Electric – (1982)

Ms Ross makes up one of the more iconic images from this collection as Warhol perfectly cpatures Ross’ iconography. The album contains the standout single ‘Muscles’ and was a moderate success across the globe. It may not be Diana Ross’ crowning glory but we imagine an image of the album cover hangs somehwere near her mantle.

Peer Raben
Querelle – Ein Pakt Mit Dem Teufel – (1982)

The soundtrack to 1982 film Querelle which sees a young sailor meet a murdered (and his supposed brother) in a French bordello, works as another advertisement for Andy Warhol’s keen eye. We’re sure the great novelist Jean Genet would approve.

Rats & Star
Soul Vacation – (1983)

A funk and soul record ready to be rediscovered by the masses, Rats & Star are the kinf of obscure artist who Warhol would have loved. As well as having an eye-pleasing name, the group also provided all kinds of nonsense on Soul Vacation.

John Lennon
Menlove Ave – (1986)

The second posthumous release of Lennon’s music, Menlove Ave is adorned with a poignant portrait of the Beatle. Warhol and Lennon enjoy an exploratory friendship and creative working relationship. They found solace and inspiration in one another and this artwork remains a clear depiction of Lennon’s otherworldly abilities.

Aretha Franklin
Aretha – (1986)

Having already [produced a whopping thirty studio albums by the time she releases 1986’s Aretha this album cover had to be really special. Luckily, Warhol was on hand with his timeless style. It wasn’t only Franklin’s thirty-first studio LP but was also her third with the title Aretha.

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Emmy Award-winning duo The Bergamot release new record Mayflies produced by legendary engineer/producer Matt Wiggins (UK). The sterling stream of singles released this year has set the world stage for The Bergamot. The group has recently been featured in People Magazine, PARADE Magazine, US Weekly, The Daily Record, The Daily Mirror, EARMILK, ALFITUDE, Where the Music Meets, and Keep Walking Music. The new album, Mayflies is set to be the biggest release in the group’s history. The band has announced a full U.S. tour this fall, more music videos upcoming, all the while the band’s fanbase grows by the day. It’s been an overnight success that has been 10 years in the making.

About The Bergamot:
The Bergamot’s journey began on October 20th, 2017. The Bergamot released their dreamy anthem P.D.R. (Both Records LLC). The single launched the band’s career who was discovered by Matt Wiggins (Adele, U2, Florence and the Machine) and then went on to achieve great reviews being called “The hottest emerging music talent” (People) and “a gorgeous sound” (Daily Mirror) and the “Best of 2019” on Where the Music Meets and mp3hugger.

Fans have discovered the band through an unbelievable series of music videos released to promote the new album “MAYFLIES”. The videos have been heralded by music critics as “Lush” (PARADE) and “The Perfect Blend” (EARMILK). These groundbreaking videos have brought light to difficult topics and continued to build upon the band’s momentum from “P.D.R.”. The videos have garnered over 150k views on YouTube and earned the band the #1 single (L.A.) ever released on the SubmitHub website.

In recent months, The Bergamot revealed a fully animated music video for “One Mile” and the fascinating “Bones” video filmed by evolve Films. The “Bones” music video was filmed underwater and marks a poignant message about depressions and suicide. The glitches of the video reflect a fragmented perspective and touch the viewer in an empathetic and revealing way. After making the band’s UK debut in The Daily Record and The Daily Mirror, the band is being heralded as “one of 2019 finest” (mp3hugger), “Best of 2019” Where the Music Meets, and a band that “We’ve been lauding for years” (Atwood Magazine).

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21 Savage Claims Certain Atlanta OG Came Up With Drill Music :: Hip-Hop Lately

As Savage explained in an IG Livestream, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame is the father of drill.

“We been on that sh*t done here. Waka Flocka really started that sound. Facts,” Savage said.

If Waka Flocka is drill’s daddy that would put its date of birth around 2008.  And, yes, 21 Savage had left jolly old England for the U.S. by then.

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See Photos Of Tiwa Savage’s Mother Who Was Once Accused Of Witchcraft

Photos of Cecilia Savage, mother of Nigerian songstress Tiwatope Balogun popularly known as Tiwa Savage.

Tiwa Savage’s mother has supported her in all aspects of her music career when she started at age 16.

Cecilia was accused of witchcraft by Tiwa Savage’s husband TeeBillz who she divorced in 2016 after having a flamboyant traditional and white wedding in 2013.

TeeBillz born Tunji Balogun called Tiwa’s mum a ‘witch’ for reasons best known to him at the time their marriage hit the rocks.

However, she has also been the rock of Tiwa Savage amid the accusations leveled against her.

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Janhvi Kapoor Thinks She’s Got Chubby, Video Calls Her Fitness Trainer for Help – News18

Afraid that she has put on weight, Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor video called her fitness trainer Namrata Purohit. Namrata took to her Instagram stories to share a snapshot from their video call.

In the screengrab, Janhvi can be seen pointing at her cheek and says that she has become chubby. Explaining their chat, Namrata wrote, “I love this person! She’s trying to say she’s got chubby! I think she’s just super cute! However, we shall workout tomorrow..”

As Janhvi spends some time with her family during the lockdown, the actress penned down a lengthy post about the things that she has learnt after a week of self-isolation. From learning the value of food to understanding the importance of her father’s love, the lockdown period has made the actress realise a lot more things.

“I’ve learnt that I can still smell my mother (late Sridevi) in her dressing room. I’ve learnt that I’m a better painter in my head than in real life. I’ve learnt that Khushi (Janhvi’s younger sister) is definitely the cooler sister. I’ve learnt that I have the funniest friends in the world,” she wrote.

Janhvi added, “I learned that my father misses me. Before lockdown, whenever he was home; he would wail for me and Khushi to come back from work or from meetings or from our friends houses to spend time with us. I would never see him wait”.

The 23-year-old captioned the post as, “Also learnt that I like to write… p.s. wrote this 3 days ago since we started self-isolating a little before the lockdown and it had already been a week for me by then”.

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Janhvi will seen in “Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl” and Doostana 2.

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Kim Kardashian West sacrificed friendships for law school | FOX 28 Spokane

Kim Kardashian West has sacrificed her friendships for law school.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star still sets aside time with her husband Kanye West and their four children, North, six, Saint, four, Chicago, two, and 10-month-old Psalm, but the rest of her social life has taken a back seat while she concentrates on her studies.

She said: “[Kanye and I] have our date nights and vacation time. I take that time off.

“Obviously my kids and my husband are my life, so I just had to cut out all that extra stuff that I was doing and friends.

“I mean, I have best friends I’ve known forever and they understand.

“I just don’t go to all these events any more, and that’s OK for me. I need to focus.

“I have my mornings with the kids and then they go to school.”

And Kim even changed her phone number to avoid getting caught up in conversation with her pals.

She told new! magazine: “I had to change my number and say to my friends, ‘Guys, I need to really focus – I’ll be back in four years.

“But I’ve found my interests have changed.”

But despite her new focus on the law and prison reform, the 39-year-old reality star insisted she won’t be changing her image and will continue to share racy pictures on her Instagram account.

She said: “[Do I have second thoughts about posting] a bikini selfie?

“No. I want to do it all and I still think you can – it’s still me and that’s why it works.

“No matter what, you have to be true to yourself.

“It’s all fun and I really believe we can do it all.”

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Priyank Sharma & Benafsha Soonawalla confirm relationship status | BizAsia | Media, Entertainment, Showbiz, Brit, Events and Music

‘Bigg Boss 11’ stars Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla have confirmed their relationship status on Instagram.

Sharma and Soonawalla have remained tight after their reality show experience and today they confirmed that they are indeed an item.

Sharma shared a picture where he is seen giving Soonawalla a peck on the cheek, along with a caption saying “Confirmation” with a heart emoji. Similarly, Soonawalla shared the same picture, with a caption saying, “Can’t nobody keep me like you. Call it unconventional. My love is habitual.”

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Selena Gomez Opens Up on Bipolar Diagnosis While on Instagram Live With Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez

Amid the life-changing Coronavirus pandemic, more and more celebrities are conducting Instagram Live videos to put on concerts for their fans and interviews with their peers. While it’s been a source of fun entertainment for many, Selena Gomez took a moment to get serious on April 3.

When chatting with Miley Cyrus on IG Live, Gomez opened up about mental health and her bipolar diagnosis in an extremely honest discussion.

“I went to one of the best mental health hospitals in the world, definitely in America, McLean Hospital, and I discussed that after years going through a lot of different things, I realized I was bipolar,” the singer candidly explained. “So, when I go to know more information, it actually helps me. It doesn’t scare me once I know it.”

You can watch Selena open up about her diagnosis below.

selena gomez on her own mental health and bipolar diagnosis and also young generations mental health #mileyandselenalive pic.twitter.com/dml98SsXwc

— ???? (fan account) (@sweetersell)

“I think people get scared of that, right? And I’ve seen it, I’ve seen some of it even in my own family,” Selena continued. “I’m from Texas. It’s not known to talk about your mental health. You’ve got to seem cool. And then I see anger built up in children, teenagers, or young adults, because they are wanting that so badly.”

After hearing her remarks, fans applauded the songstress for sharing her story. “Thank you, @selenagomez. Let’s prioritize knowledge and learning about ourselves rather than fear or shame,” one fan tweeted. “Living with mental health issues is so hard & for selena to openly admit that she suffers from bipolar is so strong of her. i just wish more people understood the severity of the disorder,” another fan said.

Shout out to Selena for sharing her truth, and for doing so in such a public way so that her fans can connect. We stan an honest and inspiring queen!

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Once Showed She’s Proud To Be Thai By Changing Her Weibo Name – Koreaboo

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has always been proud of her nationality. As one of only a few Thai K-Pop idols, she often mentions her country in various interviews and shows.

She brings her love for Thailand with her wherever she goes, even if it’s far away in China where she’s filming IQIYI‘s Youth With You.

Lisa made Thai BLINKS love her even more when she changed her verification on Chinese social media site Weibo to reflect her nationality.

Instead of her original description of “Korea YG Entertainment Lisa from girl group BLACKPINK”…

…she changed it to “A Thai member of BLACKPINK”.

Lisa even changed her username from “lisalisalisa_” to “lalalalisa_m”, a nod to her real name Lalisa Manoban.

She reportedly edited her verification after Chinese fans confused her as being Korean.

She shows yet again that she’s proud to be Thai!

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Tracee Ellis Ross Lets Us In On Her Hair Conditioning Hack | HelloBeautiful

I’m convinced Tracee Ellis Ross and the sun have an arrangement. Sis knows how to find her light. The black-ish actress stepped out onto her balcony for some air amid this self-isolation period and gifted us a video about how she’s maintaining her healthy hair and skin.

Prior to starting her virtual workout, Tracee shared how he oiled and massaged her scalp before bed last night. “I let it be a meditative experience while I watching my Netflix show,” she said. “I thought I would continue that this morning,” she continued before revealed she also deep conditioned her hair using her own PATTERN hair products.

Instead of grabbing her typical “medium” conditioner, she decided to use her “intensive” conditioner as a deep conditioner.

She even suggested starting the day with conditioning your hair and washing it out by lunch time. “Maybe as you’re around the house doing Zoom calls maybe a nice slick back with condition in your hair for a couple of hours.”

As posted on her Instagram, she used Jojoba Oil Serum (to oil the scalp), conditioner and a shower brush to work the conditioner through her strands.

A post shared by Tracee Ellis Ross (@traceeellisross) on

In other news, Tracee is coping with the coronavirus quarantine by staying busy.

“We’re all experiencing the loss of things we take for granted,” she said. “For some people it’s big things, like health and livelihood and for others, the losses are smaller,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “I’m doing a virtual workout twice a week and then I have a more meditative, yoga workout that happens once a week,” she said. “Anything I’m doing has to be gentle and bring me joy.”

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Chris Brown Shares Rare Throwback With His Dad | Black America Web

The singer has been getting sentimental lately, posting several sweet videos and pictures of his own kids, daughter Royalty and son Aeko. He has been separated from both his kids over the past several weeks but staying in touch thanks to technology. Most recently, Chris Brown shared an adorable clip of his son smiling sweetly while spending time with the singer’s baby mama, Ammika Harris. The duo are living in Germany and unable to visit the U.S. because of the travel ban. Brown, of course, lives in Los Angeles. According to Hollywood Life, Ammika Harris has been keeping Chris Brown up-to-date with how big their son is getting by sending the singer videos over the past several weeks. They’ve also been staying connected through FaceTime.

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