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by : UNILAD on : 20 Jun 2017 18:48
Cara DelevingneCara DelevingneUNILAD

Now that whole debacle about Daniel Craig playing 007 is apparently out of the way, producers now have to decide who will play the next Bond Girl.

It’s a name that might surprise you considering the less than impressive track-record she’s had on screen in previous years.

This casting has really shaken things up, it’s really stirred the pot. Sorry.

Cara Delevingne is set to take up the mantle, according to Ross King on today’s Lorraine on ITV.

Cara DelevingneCara Delevingne

The model-turned-actress has apparently ‘impressed’ executives who are on the look out for the latest femme fatale.

While the casting decision would certainly turn a few heads, it’s not exactly obvious whether it would be for the right reasons.

Cara Delevingne received a lot of negative press for her *cough* acting *cough* in Suicide Squad, with many questioning why she was there in the first place.

But still, it seems the Bond bosses are really keen to get her on board.

A ‘movie studio source’ told the Mirror:

Her sizzling looks and ability to transform into many different characters on screen really gives her a unique edge. MGM mostly like to pick actresses just on the cusp of becoming big and helping that push, that is where is at.

Cara DelevingneCara DelevingnePA Images

Cara ticks many boxes. She appeals to a younger audience, has screen fighting experience and is English too. They also feel she could play a fierce spy working alongside the main protagonist who of course can play both sides.

This role would not be arm candy, but a kick ass strong character

It was also revealed on ITV’s Lorraine that Daniel Craig is pretty much a dead cert to return as everyone’s favourite spy.

This puts to bed speculation of a successor to the role after Craig reportedly said that he would rather “slit his wrists” than play Bond again.

It’s also great that they’re thinking about giving the Bond girl a more meaty role, whether it’s played by Delevingne or not.

To be fair, they say that every time and look how it turns out.

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