Kim Kardashian accused of cultural appropriation for braids again, and some fans are defending her.

In this life, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and Kim Kardashian wearing a traditionally black hairstyle despite not being black.

To promote her husband Kanye West’s dish towel-inspired fashion brand, Kim Kardashian-West wore some bespoke Raggedy Ann pants, a sports bra, and—you guessed it—braids.

Yeezy Season 8

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) March 3, 2020

And yes, there was backlash, from people sick of her using elements of black culture like they’re accessories and mere fashion trends.

Cultural appropriation season 67

— medusa? (@draco_dusa) March 3, 2020


— tevin (@tevinauguste) March 3, 2020

When will Kim Kardashian learn that she’s not black?? Like these braids don’t even look good on her either lmao

— ? (@nhc_xx) March 2, 2020

Some fans are defending her, saying that it’s not appropriation because all humans have a braiding custom of sorts, and mentioning that she is raising black children.

— J KAIO (@JOEY_ROO_) March 3, 2020

#KimKardashian is married to Kanye West. They have kids that are half-black. She’s accused of #culturalAppropriation for braids.

So White mothers of black children, must be raise their kids with black culture but without celebrating black culture themself? Got it.

— Shae? (@ShaaeFiske) March 3, 2020

It’s 2020 we know it’s y’all culture. It’s a badass hairstyle and you don’t control the hands that braid it. On top of that , this is only an American issue. No one on earth besides African Americans deem this cultural appropriation

— мајче ;* (@MajaC95) March 2, 2020

And some are suggesting that this is all part of Kris Jenner, Momager’s master plan to be talked about.

She real wack… she posted this and then popped up with braids AGAIN… Does she not get tired of stealing Black women? kim kardashian is relying on Black outrage to keep her relevant and it fucking shows

— JASON (@_yaysun) March 2, 2020

Despite rebranding as a law student, Kim has yet to learn her lesson about why appropriation might be insulting.

The last she spoke on this was in 2018, when she explained to Bustle what she means when she wears Fulani braids:

I [do] remember the backlash when I had the blonde hair and that I called them ‘Bo Derek braids.’ But I obviously know they’re called Fulani braids and I know the origin of where they came from and I’m totally respectful of that. I’m not tone deaf to where I don’t get it. I do get it…In no way am I ever trying to disrespect anyone’s culture by wearing braids.

She means, “I like the attention! Thanks everyone!”

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