Danzig Finally Sets Release Date for Elvis Presley Covers Album – Rolling Stone

More than five years after Glenn Danzig first revealed plans to record an album of Elvis Presley songs, the metal icon will release the long-awaited covers LP.

Danzig Sings Elvis is out April 17th via Cleopatra Records, the singer’s Facebook announced Thursday; the album arrives a few seasons after the initially promised fall 2019 release.

An Amazon.com listing for Danzig Sings Elvis, available to preorder on CD and vinyl, shows that the Misfits singer puts his signature goth-metal spin on 14 Presley standards, including a “sinister take on ‘Fever’ and a truly haunting version of ‘Always on My Mind.’ “

Additionally, Danzig has outlined plans to showcase his Presley covers at “small, intimate, seated performances, as Danzig wants to try to capture an old Vegas nightclub atmosphere.” Details for those late-April concerts in Los Angeles and San Francisco will be announced next week.

In a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Danzig said that Presley was among his chief musical influences. “Elvis is actually kind of how I got into music,” Danzig said at the time. “When I was a kid, I was cutting school pretending I was sick and I would lie at home watching old movies, and Jailhouse Rock came on with Elvis. I was like, ‘I want to do this. This is great.’ And that’s how I veered to music.”

Two years later, in another interview, the singer told Rolling Stone that the album would “probably” arrive in 2017, noting that he recently recorded a take on Presley’s 1960 single “The Girl of My Best Friend”; that track made the album’s final cut.

Danzig Sings Elvis Track List

1. Is It So Strange
2. One Night
3. Lonely Blue Boy
4. First in Line
5. Baby Let’s Play House
6. Love Me
7. Pocket Full of Rainbows
8. Fever
9. When It Rains It Really Pours
10. Always on My Mind
11. Loving Arms
12. Like a Baby
13. The Girl of My Best Friend
14. Young and Beautiful

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EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Jenner Caught Holding Hands With Ray-J Outside Small Motel In Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES – Shortly after Bruce Jenner, the father of reality tv show stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and former Olympic gold medalist, announced that he identifies himself as a woman, Bruce was spotted outside of a motel with R&B singer Ray-J holding hands Friday night. Ray J, being arguably the reason why Kim Kardashian is famous—for their controversial sextape together.

Bruce Jenner has been undergoing surgery to change his appearance into that of a woman, after divorcing Kris Jenner, the mother of his two daughters Kendal and Kylie. While simultaneously coming out of the closet, it seems as though Bruce Jenner is also attracted to black celebrities, just as most of his daughters and step-daughters, as he was spotted with Ray-J outside of a small, low-profile motel in the outskirts of Los Angeles. According to reporters, Bruce and Ray-J quickly went separate ways as soon as photographers showed up, but it was too late.

According to witnesses, Ray-J and Bruce quickly darted away in the darkness, in their own separate ways. The witnesses tried to keep up but could not find them. Is Bruce Jenner and Ray-J seeing each other? “I’m shocked” says witness Kyle Simmons, “How could one whole family be attracted to the same people? black athletes or black singer. How could Ray-J be gay now and worse, seeing this Bruce Jenner guy. Tell you what, Ray-J needs to stop playing and use that one wish to wish we never saw him, cause this sh*t crazy”, finished Simmons. Kris Jenner and neither of his daughters and step-daughters have yet responded to the allegations, but we expect some soon.

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Kylie Jenner Crashes Brand New Ferrari Birthday Present Just Hours After Receving It!

LOS ANGELES – Only a few hours after receiving a $320,000 Ferrari from Tyga for her longly awaited 18th birthday, It is being confirmed that Kylie Jenner has already crashed the vehicle.

Tyga, 25, has been dating Kylie Jenner, 18, since the fall of 2014, but kept it somewhat of a secret until March, when he revealed that she had captured his heart. Everyone, especially Tyga, has been waiting for August 10—the day Kylie Jenner finally turns 18 years old. And now, that day has come, and what better way to celebrate it than to give Kylie a brand new $320,000 Ferrari? A fabulous gift from her boyfriend Tyga. But unfortunately, it seems as though that was a bad choice of a gift, as it was reported only a few hours after receiving the Ferrari, she had crashed it already.

Kylie Jenner was allegedly ready to test-drive her new Ferrari for the first time, with none other than Tyga, sitting in the passenger seat. The accident happened after Kylie allegedly floored the gas pedal with an open road ahead of her. There was only one problem—the vehicle was in reverse. Rather than accelerating forward as expected, the brand new Ferrari reversed at about 20 mph before hitting a car parked 30 feet back. Reporters asked Kylie what was going through her mind and she responded: “well, it is a shame because it’s a brand new Lamborghini, but then again I didn’t pay for it, so It doesn’t really hurt that bad”. Well, either Kylie Jenner is tragically retarded or was brain damaged because of the accident, because it was actually a Ferrari she was driving, not a Lamborghini. But anyways, carrying on.

Paramedics and police arrived at the scene a few minutes later to find the Ferrari with a badly smashed rear end. Tyga and Kylie did not suffer any major injuries, only minor cuts and bruises. The Ferrari was then towed away, as Tyga and Kylie were forced to take Uber back home.

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David Beckham reveals he’s ‘proud’ of friend Prince Harry amid Megxit | Entertainment Daily

David Beckham has said he’s “proud” of Prince Harry after his decision to split from the royal family.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are stepping back from their roles as senior royals officially next month and plan to become “financially independent”.

Their decision – which has been approved by the Queen and the rest of the royal family – has been met with worldwide criticism from some.

David with William and Harry in 2010 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Former footballer David has now praised Harry and thinks he’s “enjoying being a young father for the first time”.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Online, David said: “I haven’t spoken to Harry about him moving. We speak as friends and that’s the most important thing for me.

“I think he’s enjoying being a young father for the first time and that’s what we always spoke about. When you are a parent it changes everything for you. He always needs to be happy.

“We love him and he’s an amazing person – and that’s the most important thing. But I’m proud to see him growing up as an individual ad being that person every father wants to be.”

David said “every father wants to be loving to their children and that’s what I see with him”.

Meghan and Harry have been enjoying a month in Canada with their son Archie, who was born in May last year.

David thinks Harry is “enjoying being a young father for the first time” (Credit: SplashNews.com)

This week, Harry returned to the UK to attend a summit for his sustainable tourism project, Travalyst, in Edinburgh.

During the event at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Harry asked to simply be addressed by his first name rather than his royal title.

Host Ayesha Hazarika told delegates at the event: “He’s made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry.

“So ladies and gentlemen, please give a big, warm, Scottish welcome to Harry.”

Last week, Buckingham Palace confirmed Meghan and Harry’s official duties will end on March 31.

It was also revealed there will be a review after 12 months.

The family have been enjoying a quieter life in Canada recently (Credit: SplashNews.com)

It’s also been revealed that Harry will attend engagements on February 28 and March 5.

Meghan will then join him for another event at the Royal Albert Hall on March 8 to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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This Morning viewers urge Holly Willoughby to ‘sack the stylist’ after another ‘granny’ outfit | Entertainment Daily

Poor old Holly Willoughby isn’t doing too well in the style stakes this week in the eyes of This Morning viewers.

After her Ghost dress – with its floppy white collar – was deemed something somebody’s gran would wear, her outfit on Thursday’s show has also been slammed online.

Posting her #HWstyle look to Intsagram ahead of the show, Holly revealed she was wearing a knitted navy and cream dress by Iris & Irk at The Outnet.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on

The ribbed dress, which costs £145 and is available in sizes extra small to large, has a navy body and contrasting cream cuffs, piping on the collar and frilly hem.

And, while a few of her followers liked it, others urged the star to “sack the stylist”.

“Nope, don’t like it.. doesn’t suit you,” said one rather blunt follower, adding the vomit emoji.

“Really sorry but that’s a granny dress, they’re making you old before your time,” said one, who added that Holly was “beautiful all the same”.

“Sack the stylist Holly – it’s daytime TV, not a nunnery,” advised another.

“Nope, don’t like this – it’s not sure if it’s a T-shirt or a girlie dress. Even though you’re working it, it’s not good,” said another.

The knitted ribbed dress costs £145 (Credit: The Outnet)

Others said the dress seemed more suited to actual royalty than the TV kind.

“Holly looks lovely as always, but I think that dress is more Kate Middleton than Holly,” offered one follower.

“Your stylist needs sacking mate,” said another.

“Have you mugged an old lady for that dress? Fashion police!” slammed another.

Thankfully the outfit Holly wore to film Celebrity Juice the previous night fared better with her followers.

She showed off a bit of leg in a Reformation brown polka-dot minidress, which had a ruffled hem and sleeves.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on

“Beautiful lady with gorgeous legs,” said one admirer.

“Outfit goals,” said another.

While a third said: “Love that dress!”

“You look fab,” concluded another.

While the exact match isn’t on the website, there are a couple of similar ones in different prints – and they cost £235 if you fancy splashing the cash!

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Rick Moranis Is Back and He’s Here to Fuck

After more than two decades out of the spotlight, ‘80s movie heartthrob Rick Moranis is coming out of retirement and good news, Hollywood: he’s here to fuck.

The Tinsel Town Playboy has signed up for a Disney Plus reboot of his classic “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids,” and the mere mention of the Canadian cocksman’s triumphant return from self-imposed exile has panties across showbiz moistening in anticipation.

“Rick is back? Are you fucking with me?” asked Sigourney Weaver, who co-starred with Moranis in two “Ghostbusters” films.

Weaver then stared into the middle distance and uttered, “Keymaster, the gate is open, mmm,” half under her breath. “Feed me, Seymour!” Weaver loudly yelled, licking her lips and tugging at the front of her blouse before violently shuddering and shooing us out of the room.

Since Moranis’ last on-camera role in 1997, a whole new generation of Hollywood starlets has come of age without experiencing life-affirming carnal knowledge with the bespectacled “Spaceballs” star, something many of them appear eager to quickly remedy.

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawerence visibly flushed when we brought up Moranis’ name on a red carpet premiere for her new makeup line. “God damn it, I need fucking Barney Rubble to make my bed rock! I’ve been waiting 20 years for this!” Lawrence said through gritted teeth, referencing Moranis’ role as the leather-clad lothario from “The Flintstones” movie.

It’s not just the lovely ladies of La La Land looking forward to the veiny, throbbing broadsword of the “My Blue Heaven” star returning to please every eager orifice–the thirst for Moranis doesn’t abide by outdated norms of sexuality. Josh Gad, who pitched the “Honey” reboot to Disney, confessed to us the prospect of being taken by Moranis was the impetus behind the idea.

“I mean, what guy my age didn’t wake up with his shorts spot-welded to his leg after watching ‘SCTV’ reruns as a kid?” Gad told us, obviously trying to suppress an erection.

When reached for comment, Moranis said nothing, just pointed a finger gun at us, winked and clicked his tongue.

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‘Candyman’ Trailer: Jordan Peele Remake’s First Footage – Variety

Jordan Peele is back with another terrifying thriller, this time taking on the 1992 horror classic “Candyman.”

The official trailer for MGM and Universal Pictures’ remake was released on Thursday and tells the story of an artist fixated on a mysterious hook-handed killer, deemed the Candyman.

“The urban legend is, if you say his name five times while looking in the mirror, he appears in the reflection and it kills you,” says Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who plays an artist named Anthony McCoy.

Candyman’s mysterious wrath becomes real when a group of girls say his name five times into a mirror and slayings ensue. McCoy then goes on the hunt for the infamous Candyman, taking photos around his new neighborhood, where he encounters a man who mentions an old candy factory in the area.

“You’re looking for Candyman,” the man tells McCoy. “He’s the monster that’s part of this neighborhood.”

Soon, McCoy becomes obsessed with the legend, basing his art installations on the elusive killer, daring his viewers to say his name, too. Bodies then start to turn up. The trailer shows violent shots of gruesome demises. At the end, we hear an ominous voice, perhaps that of Candyman himself.

“I am the writing on the wall, the sweet smell of blood. Be my victim,” the voice says.

Nia DaCosta directed the film. Peele co-wrote the script for “Candyman” with Clive Barker and Win Rosenfeld. MGM, Rosenfeld and Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions are producing. “Candyman” also stars Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Vanessa Williams, Kyle Kaminsky and Colman Domingo. Abdul-Mateen II also appeared in Peele’s latest film “Us” and starred in HBO’s “Watchmen.”

“Candyman” hits theaters on June 12.

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Netflix’s New Horror Film Dubbed ‘Most Disturbing Ever’ Over ‘Trippy’ Special Effects

Netflix has stepped up its horror game by adding the ‘f*cked up’ film Girl On The Third Floor to its collection. 

The disturbing movie was initially released last year, but much to the delight of horror fans it is now available to watch on the streaming service.

At the time of writing, February 27, Girl On The Third Floor is ranked number two in Netflix’s movie collection, suggesting subscribers are wasting no time in getting their freak-out on.

Rewatching: Girl On The Third Floor (2019) dir. Travis Stevens

Honestly, this movie is very very good (rewatched it now four times) but also Phil is so good looking 😭 pic.twitter.com/ZpKPX88Ct0

— ᕲᗩᐺᓰᕲ ᕲᖇᘿᗩᘻᓰᘉᘜ☕💤 (@hellblazers) February 22, 2020

The movie follows the story of Don Koch, a husband who tries to start fresh by renovating a run-down Victorian mansion for his family. Needless to say, though, it isn’t long before Don realises all is not as it seems in his new home.

The husband faces a number of hurdles throughout the project, including your everyday problems such as bursting pipes and rotting walls, as well as some more disturbing ones, like questionable slime – which has been repeatedly likened to semen – leaking from various places. He’s also met with a host of supernatural elements.

The protagonist is played by wrestler CM Punk, also known as Phillip Brooks, and the film is written and directed by Travis Stevens.

The marvelous (and gooey) GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR is now on Netflix. You’ve heard of Cronenbergian horror? This is Cronenbergian haunted house horror.

It will burrow inside and stay with you. Watch it TODAY. pic.twitter.com/jL44e3w1CA

— Joshua Hull (@joshuathehull) February 23, 2020

A number of Twitter users have shared their thoughts on the film since it dropped on Netflix, and the consensus is in: it’s entirely disturbing, not least because of the semen-like special effects.

One viewer wrote:

“Girl on the third floor” is trippy and those are the type of movies I LOVE!

Another commented:

We watched The Girl On The Third Floor last night & I just canny [sic] stop thinking about how much semen was involved in the film.

A third tweeted:

‘The Girl On The Third Floor’ has now become the most disturbing film I’ve ever watched

“Girl on the third floor” is trippy and those are the type of movies I LOVE! 👏🏼👏🏼

🌼lilpsycho🌼 (@toriamichelled) February 26, 2020

We watched The Girl On The Third Floor last night & I just canny stop thinking about how much semen was involved in the film

— Kirsty Greig (@Kirstehx) February 26, 2020

‘The Girl On The Third Floor’ has now become the most disturbing film I’ve ever watched 😶

🤬 POTTY MOUTH 🤬 (@BonnieBeretta) February 25, 2020

Girl on the third floor is one fucked up movie

— Papi (@spiffygod__) February 26, 2020

Girl On The Third Floor is made even more creepy by the fact Stevens’ script is based on the same house the movie was filmed in. The house is rumoured to be haunted in real life, so the director utilised the claims for added creepiness.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the house used in the film was built in Frankfort, Illinois, in the early 1900s and is rumoured to have once been a brothel, where multiple deaths occurred.

New Netflix horror girl on the third floorNetflix

The most popular lore suggests the house is haunted by the ghosts of two girls; one a young English immigrant who died from illness, and the other a young girl mistaken for a sex worker and murdered. Both deaths were said to have taken place in the same third-floor bedroom – hence, the ‘Girl On The Third Floor‘.

It’s unclear whether the real-life house leaks as much ominous goo as it does in the film, but Stevens is obviously happy to let viewers’ imaginations run wild in that area.

Girl On The Third Floor is available to stream now on Netflix. 

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