Glamour Magazine Finally Strips Caitlyn Jenner Of Woman Of The Year Award; Will Be Presented to A Real Woman

 LOS ANGELES – After weeks of controversy regarding Caitlyn Jenner’s Woman of the year award presented to her by Glamour Magazine. Glamour magazine has announced that they will strip Cailtyn Jenner of the award and present it to someone else.

Millions of people were both saddened and angered at Glamour magazine for awarding Caitlyn Jenner with such an award, considering that “she” is actually not even a woman. So how could a man win the Woman of the year award? How can someone win the woman of the year award simply by switching genders? Many claim that even porn star Mia Khalifa was more worthy of the woman of the year award than Caitlyn Jenner.

The controversy reached a climax a few days ago after the husband of a 9/11 hero returned his late wife’s Woman of the year award, when learning that Caitlyn Jenner had won the same award. He was tremendously upset that Caitlyn Jenner had won the same award his wife won, criticizing Glamour magazine for not being able to find any other woman in the world more deserving of the award. 

“We’ve decided to take back the award” said a Glamour magazine spokeswoman, “We’ve considered all the complaints and came to the conclusion that it was completely foolish to award Kylie Jenner’s transsexual father with the Woman of the year award. I actually told the publishers it was a bad idea from the start but they did not listen to me. We are greatly sorry to those who were offended and angered at our initial decision. We will re-present the award to a more deserving woman in the days to come.”

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Pain of Greta Thuerg as she reveals her grandfather has died at the age of nb94  | Daily Mail Online

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has paid tribute to her grandfather after she revealed on social media that the 94-year-old had died.

Taking to Instagram, the 17-year-old from Sweden revealed that Olof Thunberg ‘passed away’.

Posting she said: ‘Yesterday my grandfather Olof Thunberg passed away. He was about to turn 95. He was one of the kindest people I have ever known. We miss him terribly.’

Greta also took to Twitter where she posted a series of photos of her grandfather. 

Greta Thunberg took to social media to post about her grandfather Olof Thunberg (right) who died yesterday while she was in London (she is pictured left during a trip to Germany earlier this month)

She posted the below tribute to her grandfather on social media platform Instagram

She posted that he was ‘one of Sweden’s biggest actors’. 

Olof had worked as an actor, voice artist and director with a career that spanned over 75-years. 

Olof started his stage career just after World War II.

He acted in films and TV shows and even progressed to direct TV movies in his later years. 

Taking to Twitter Greta also paid tribute to her grandfather who she said her family will ‘miss terribly’

One of his most notable roles was his voice work on the Swedish version of Disney’s The Jungle Book. 

In this film he recorded the voice of the tiger Shere Khan.

He also played Fredrik in the 1963 Winter Light, propelling his fame to international audiences.  

Greta had been in Oxford at the time meeting one of her ‘role models’ Malala Yousafzai at Lady Margaret Hall. 

Greta also posted a picture of her meeting at Oxford on Tuesday, calling Malala ‘a role model’

Greta, 17, is in the UK to join the school strike on Friday. She became a well-known name after skipping school in Sweden to protest against climate change. 

Malala, who now studies Philosophy, Politics and Economics, was shot in the head by the Taliban in Pakistan for campaigning for girls to be allowed to go to school.

Greta could soon join Malala, as she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 and 2020. The winner is set to be announced later this year. 

Pain of Greta Thunberg as she reveals her grandfather has died at the age of 94 

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Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Strips Down For Racy Photo Shoot To Remind You She’s Not A Little Girl Anymore

Miracle Watts Presents "Beauty Meets Media" In LA

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

Time to feel old again.

Cori Broadus, youngest child and sole daughter of Shante Broadus and rapper Snoop Dogg sent quite the visual message to people recently, reminding us that she is no longer Snoop’s little girl, but rather, a 20-year-old woman very comfortable in her body.

The Neighborhood Talk got their hands on the side-by-side photo, which shows Braodus in what appears to be a thong and crop high-neck top, showing off her backside and holding on to her curves. As far as we know, there is no caption, but chile, the picture is worth a thousand words:

As surprising as the photo may be if you’ve been seeing Cori since she was a little girl with her brothers and famous father, she’s been talking about being comfortable in the natural skin she’s in for a while. Back in 2016, then 17, she shared that after growing up hating being a darker-skinned girl, she finally felt proud.

“I can finally say I’m comfortable in my own skin,” she wrote at the time. “Grew up despising the skin tone I was in because it’s been bashed on for so long & society has been putting in our heads that dark is ugly. For all you beautiful chocolate girls/ women out there you’re BEAUTIFUL & don’t let anyone tell you different.”

That same year she also said that she was “Learning to love & accept my body for what it is #chubs.”

In addition, she did the big chop in 2018, encouraging other women not to feel fearful about doing something similar.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things,” she said at the time. “My growth is reallllll.”

And just this year she proved how bold in her messaging she can be, getting a tattoo that reads “Belle,” as in “beautiful,” on the side of her face.

While Snoop may be supportive of the message she’s putting out there, Cori’s famous dad likely won’t be pleased about the photos. But based on the fact that he’s busy at the moment trying to move on from those ugly comments he made about Gayle King, which he’ll be explaining on Red Table Talk this week, he may not even notice. Either way, she looks great!

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Woman Dead After Attempting Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge; Lip Challenge Now Illegal In All 50 States

MIAMI – 19 year old Natalie Cardenas was found dead in her bedroom after apparently attempting the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”. Since the death, authorities have announced that the Kylie Jenner Challenge is prohibited from attempting, and anyone who is caught attempting it can be jailed for 30 days.

Natalie Cardenas was discovered dead in her bedroom by her mother and father Thursday afternoon before calling the authorities. according to authorities, they found Natalie on the floor with “huge lips”, and a shot glass in her hands, which she used for the Kylie Jenner Challenge.

We walked in and saw the corpse of Natalie“, says officer Ryan Laroche “But for a split second after I saw her I thought it was flappy bird, until I realized it was a girl. She had a shot glass in her hand, so sad she couldn’t survive the Kylie Jenner challenge, there is no one to blame but Kylie Jenner for making girls think they don’t look good without Jay-Z lips. The Kylie Jenner challenge should be illegal“, finished officer Laroche, a few hours before authorities made the Kylie Jenner Challenge illegal.

But how did the Kylie Jenner challenge kill Natalie? Doctors are saying the pressure her lips underwent in the shot glass was enough to irritate and bust the veins in her face, and eventually bleed out to death internally. Doctors are warning people not to attempt the Kylie Jenner challenge, or they will end up dead or seriously injured, OR even worse, looking like Kylie Jenner. Although now being illegal in all 50 states, authorities cannot stop anyone from doing it in their homes or anywhere secluded.

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Birdman Admits Lil Wayne Is a Homosexual Who Is In Love With Drake (The Reason Why Drake Wrote “Doing It Wrong”)

NEW ORLEANS – In the wake of the Lil Wayne and Birdman drama, Birdman has publicly admitted that rapper Lil Wayne is a homosexual, presuambly an attempt to ruin the image of the Young Money rapper.

After the news circulated that Birdman was holding back Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter 5” album for unknown reasons, Lil Wayne announced that he felt like a “prisoner” to Birdman’s label and that he wanted “out” of Cash Money Records. The feud is expected to heat even more now that it has been announced that Lil Wayne is Suing Cash Money Records for $51 Million and has asked a judge to declare him the joint copyright holder of everything released on his Cash Money imprint, Young Money, including recordings by Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Now that Birdman has admitted that Lil Wayne is actually a homosexual and that all the songs where he is speaking sexually of women is actually a cover up for his true sexuality and simply to sell his music, as women have always been popular topics for music. Birdman also revealed that Lil Wayne wanted a relationship with him and Canadian rapper Drake, and that the song “Doing It Wrong” on Drake’s second studio album “Take Care” is actually about Lil Wayne and how he cannot be in a homosexual relationship with him. ” He gay as hell”, says Birdman, “He tried to be with me, drake, and even the boy rick ross, but he was after drake more than everybody else and Drake actually wrote the song “Doing It Wrong” for him, cause he ain’t wanna be with him” finished Birdman.

Birdman has also admitted that he himself use to be bi-sexual and then realized he was actually straight as “the mind plays tricks on people”, according to Birdman. Lil Wayne has yet to respond to the homosexual accusations, boy is this feud getting worse and worse everyday. Subscribe to for updates on Birdman and Lil Wayne, as well as other daily shocking news.


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Young M.A. Says Music Doesn’t Feel the Same Due to Lack of R&B

Rhythm and Blues, usually abbreviated as R&B, surfaced the scene in the 1940s. Since the slow jam style of music has surfaced, many have grown to fall in love with the sound of some R&B legends including Maxwell, Jill Scott, Usher, Erykah Badu, Sam Cook, Alicia Keys, Anita Baker, and more. It’s the type of feel-good music you resort to when all else fails.

Young M.A. went sparked a conversation with fans on social media after she posted some thought-provoking tweets about the sound of today’s music. The Herstory rapper claims that there is an imbalance in today’s music because of the lack of R&B music. “Music don’t feel the same because we barely have R&B, … R&B brung that balance to music.. now everything is leanin one way smh so it gets played out quick! We need R&B for the balance no kap!” the tweet read.

Music don’t feel the same because we barely have R&B, … R&B brung that balance to music.. now everything is leanin one way smh so it gets played out quick! We need R&B for the balance no kap!

— Young M.A (@YoungMAMusic) February 24, 2020

Following all controversy is all two ends of the spectrum. Fans replied to Young M.A.’s claims stating that R&B is still alive, shouting out some of today’s R&B artists including Summer Walker, Kehlani, Ari Lennox, and Jhene Aiko. On the other hand, fans agree with the New York rapper and wish for that 90s/2000s style R&B.

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New Deftones Album Produced by Terry Date (White Pony), Currently Being Mixed for 2020 Release

Deftones have taken the “be quiet and drive” approach to their new album, not revealing too many details along the way. Now, though, a few important bits of information have been unveiled. The band’s ninth studio LP is currently being mixed for release in the second half of 2020, with Terry Date serving as producer.

The news of Date’s involvement was revealed Monday via Deftones’ Instagram page. The band posted a photo of Date and singer Chino Moreno behind the boards that was taken by keyboardist-turntablist Frank Delgado in May of 2019.

Fans of Deftones’ earlier works should be excited, as Date produced the band’s first four albums — Adrenaline, Around the Fur, White Pony, and Deftones. The producer is also known for his work on classic LPs by Pantera and Soundgarden, among others.

As for the status of the album, that news came from a new interview Australian’s Mixdown did with drummer Abe Cunningham. According to the article, the album is currently in the mixing process, with a tentative release for the second half of 2020.

“We did things a little bit differently this time,” said Cunningham. “We stretched everything out over the course of a couple of years, rather than blasting through in one go. The process has been mixed with about a year-long break, that we all agreed upon.”


He added, “Being rested and taking that time off really made us appreciate what we’re doing even more. When we’re all laughing and smiling and coming up with stuff together, just like when we were 17… it’s a beautiful thing.”

If the album arrives in the early part of 2020’s second half, it could coincide with the band’s recently announced headlining North American summer tour. That trek, which features support from Gojira and Poppy, will kick off July 27th in Portland, Oregon, and run through a September 5th show in Denver. Tickets are available here.

New Deftones Album Produced by Terry Date (White Pony), Currently Being Mixed for 2020 Release
Spencer Kaufman

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R.I.P. Mazzy Star’s David Roback Dies at 61

David Roback, the producer and multi-instrumentalist who co-founded Mazzy Star, has died. A cause of death has not yet been revealed, but a band representative confirmed Roback’s passing. He was 61 years old.

Before launching Mazzy Star alongside Hope Sandoval, Roback was a major figure in the Californian Paisley Underground movement of the ’80s. He and his brother, Steven, were behind the psychedelic revival act Rain Parade, which David left after their only album, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip. In 1983, he formed Clay Allison with ex-Dream Syndicate bassist Kendra Smith, whom he was dating at the time.

Shortly before the release of their 1987 debut album, Happy Nightmare Baby, the group switched their name to Opal. It’s this project that is seen as a precursor to Mazzy Star’s droning, folk-influenced style. In fact, Sandoval first worked with Roback as a replacement for Smith, who left Opal while the band was in the middle of a tour.

At first, Sandoval and Roback were set to continue as Opal, even touring under the project name for two more years. However, when they set about to record a new LP tentatively titled Ghost Highway, Sandoval wasn’t satisfied with the material, which had been mainly written by Roback and Smith before the latter had departed. Instead, Roback and Sandoval decamped to San Francisco’s Hyde Street Studios to write and record what became Mazzy Star’s debut album, She Hangs Brightly.

Following that 1990 effort, the band would go on to record three more full-lengths: 1993’s So Tonight That I Might See, 1996’s Among My Swan, and 2013’s Seasons of Your Day. Their final release was 2018’s Still EP, which was partially recorded with Mazzy Star’s late drummer, Keith Mitchell, prior to his passing in 2017.

R.I.P. Mazzy Star’s David Roback Dies at 61
Ben Kaye

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Jay-Z Arrested For The Murder of Rapper Big L Back in 1999

NEW YORK CITY – Authorities have confirmed that New York rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z has been arrested after it was revealed that he, in fact, was behind the murder of fellow rapper Lamont “Big L” Coleman back in 1999.

It’s been 15 years since Big L was shot and killed at 45 West 139th Street in his native Harlem on February 15, 1999. He was shot 9 times in the face and chest. Prior to Big L’s murder, Jay-Z and Big L were good friends and worked together to make music. Both Jay-Z and Big L recorded one of the most famous rap freestyles titled “7 Minute Freestyle”. Big L was expected to be signed to Jay-Z’s Rockafeller records before Big L was murdered.

The killer, an alleged childhood friend of Big L, was blamed for the murder. However, new evidence acquired by New York Police, shows that Jay-Z was the mastermind behind Big L’s murder. It is not known if Jay-Z killed Big L himself or if he hired someone else to carry our the murder. Jay-Z was arrested earlier today and is currently being interrogated by police. Authorities are currently trying to find the motives for the murder and how long it was being planned, if so. Authorities say they have sufficient evidence to put Jay-Z behind bars. Jay-Z can face up to 40 years for the murder.

Over the years, Big L has become one of the most popular underground hip-hop artists, known for his dark rhymes and creative punch lines, and is often considered to be one of the best rappers of all time. Big L was known for being a member of the underground New York hip-hop group named ‘Diggin’ In The Crates Crew’ (D.I.T.C.) and frequently working with rappers such as Lord Finesse and Fat Joe.

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