Gangster-climate ally? Greta gets flamed for posing with crime-glamorizing rapper (PHOTO)

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Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has exposed herself to intense internet mockery after posing with a controversial Swedish rapper who purportedly spent several years in prison.

The musical artist, 1.Cuz, performed at Thunberg’s recent “Fridays for Future” rally in central Stockholm. Known for always wearing a mask and keeping his real identity a secret, 1.Cuz raps about crime, drugs and his hatred of the cops.

In a recent interview with Swedish media, the rapper reportedly revealed that he had served two years in prison for a “serious” crime – but did not go into specifics. According to local media reports, the rapper was invited to perform at the rally in the hope of bolstering attendance.

Following the event, 1.Cuz shared a photo of himself with his arm around Thunberg. True to form, the rapper is wearing a gray balaclava – as an unmasked Greta smiles at the camera.

“An unexpected friendship,” read the photograph’s caption.
While it’s unclear whether the pair are actually friends, many Swedes found the photo op to be ridiculous and inappropriate.

One Instragram user jokingly asked whether it was Greta who requested the photograph, “or if it was the grown man with a mask” who insisted on the photo op.

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Several others mockingly retooled Thunberg’s famous catchphrase, “How dare you!” to show their disapproval.

A disenchanted tweet noted that the Swedish activist had posed with a “convicted rapper who is promoting the lifestyle of drugs, gangs and shootings in his music.”

Thunberg found herself in hot water in August after she posed with a group of masked “left-wing extremists” in Germany. The eco-activists reportedly have a long history with police, leaving some to question Thunberg’s association with the group.

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