‘Boycott Filmfare!’ Furious at Filmfare awards, netizens have a massive meltdown on social media

boycott filmfare

The 65th Filmfare Awards held last week in Guwahati has again reignited the age-old debate whether the modern-day commercial award shows have any credibility left or not. Gully Boy which was India’s official entry into the 92nd Academy awards or colloquially known as Oscars was royally snubbed by the jury but here back home the Filmfare awards showered all the possible awards that were in the cabinet on the Zoya Akhtar directed movie.

“Gully Boy” swept almost every other award there was for the taking but in the process, Filmfare lost its face as some of the real and deserving talent was left hanging by the film magazine. Overall, the Ranveer Singh starrer movie bagged 13 awards including all the major awards such as the Best Film, best director, best actor, best actress and various others.

Social media was quick to pick the pattern and since then the Filmfare awards have been subjected to trolls, tweets, and memes with some going as far as saying that the award shows like Filmfare are rigged where money and lobbying is the only criteria for winning. To express their anger and disappointment, netizens trended the hashtag #BoycottFilmfare on Twitter.

Shame…… #BoycottFilmFare pic.twitter.com/e13HaunTO0

— Lokesh Mangla (@lokeshmangla) February 17, 2020

gully boy paid??#BoycottFilmFare pic.twitter.com/blWAS65ndl

— Ayush chaturvedi (@AyushSharma7272) February 17, 2020

Filmfare sucks big time #BoycottFilmFare pic.twitter.com/BgeybwSHWK

— John Wick (@Bhakt_Slayer_) February 16, 2020

I am sorry i was not strong enough to speak up before or rather i had hoped things would change. But now it feels wrong to keep accepting.#FilmfareAwards2020 #BoycottFilmFare pic.twitter.com/hhKdw001GY

— Neha Bhasin (@nehabhasin4u) February 17, 2020

Sack full of #FilmfareAwards to that NANGA Gutter boy ..
This sold out #Bollywood is responsible for the downfall of our new generation..
Govt must look into this..#BoycottFilmfareAwards pic.twitter.com/3ylR1QI6Be

— जया ✨? (@Modified_Jaya07) February 17, 2020

13 awards for gully boy and one for best debut that to for SOTY2 I mean what is happening these films down below were totally ignored plus they were not even nominated, and also Alia bhatt winning best female in lead role instead of Vidya balan wow #BoycottFilmfareAwards https://t.co/zqY88EekYS

— Akash bhowmick (@bhowmick_akash) February 17, 2020

#BoycottFilmFare i hope bollywood will learn after seeing that #BoycottFilmFare is trending

— garikipatirajeevkumar (@garikipatirajee) February 17, 2020

A plethora of genuine talent went ignored as the awards yet again succumbed to please the powerful in Bollywood. While the likes of Shahid Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Nitesh Tiwari have every right to feel hard done by, it was Manoj Muntashir who was left reeling in what can be called as the utmost insult to talent and hard work and took to Twitter to share his disappointment which resonated with the audience. In an emotional post on Twitter, the lyricist of the hit song ‘Teri Mitti’ from the film ‘Kesari’, Muntashir wrote that even if he tries all his life, he won’t be able to write a better line than ‘TuKahti Thee ChaandHoon Main Our ChaandHumeshaRahta Hai’.

Good bye Awards..!!! pic.twitter.com/iaZm0za40u

— Manoj Muntashir (@manojmuntashir) February 15, 2020

A tweeter user also pointed out how terrible the idea of giving out the “Best Debutant” award is and that Filmfare should just do away with it.

For Filmfare being the Top Bollywood award for the last 65 years, I hardly see any movie trailers where the cast is introduced as a ‘Filmfare award winner’ of a ‘Filmfare award nominee’. It has itself to blame for slowly eroding its brand equity. Still has a “Best debut award” ?

— Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) February 15, 2020

Interestingly, the trend of Boycott Filmfare also made an old video of Salman Khan viral once again. In this, Salman Khan is shown to have said, “I will not go and pick up a Filmfare or any other such stupid award. I didn’t even respond to three or four such awards. If I get a National Award, that’s prestigious, that I’ll go and pick it up. I won’t go to a magazine that’s running on our strength. A magazine that is running on our interviews, and they call you up and say that you come to perform and you will win an award. Are we idiots that we sit in our own suits and collect such awards? Tomorrow, my driver and my supporting staff join together and say ‘Baba, we give you this award.’ Will I accept that too? This is stupid.” –

OMG Salman speaking the TRUTH YAS ?? #FilmfareAwards2020 #FilmfareAwards #BoycottFilmFare #BoycottFilmfareAwards pic.twitter.com/lVaCuZafzn

— Akanksha ☕ (@akankshabhatt3) February 17, 2020

Though not bagging a Filmfare award is not a deal-breaker for any artist but the audience which these award shows take for granted is betrayed badly. The social media has had its say in what it felt deserved to win the accolades but as they say, Bollywood is a very vile world and the award shows are the epitome of it, so expecting a quick turnaround in the way these award shows run or operate would be a sham to say the least. The adulation that songs like “Teri Mitti” receive from the audience is far greater than any award that can bestow upon it. If nothing it is the loss of Filmfare when it rejects the real talent so brazenly.

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