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MANILA — Last January 9, music fans at Archipelago in El Pueblo, Pasig City were treated to a listening party for new pop rock band Zerise.

While the five-piece outfit’s name is a stylized take-off from lead vocalist Cerise Limueco, the band’s music was distilled from their myriad influences from Paramore, Linkin Park, The Script, Simple Plan, Coldplay, and even Taylor Swift.

“We like different kinds of music so we combined elements of all of what we like into our own songs,” pointed out Limueco. “The music that we all listen to, they speak to us. We feel as if someone understands us. So we set out to create music that people will feel the same way. That we speak about the same experiences.

Limueco and bandmates Bryanne Tuazon on drums and keyboards, Christian Maranan on bass, John Daniel Bardoc and Jared Cortado on guitars jam together and see where the music and the mood takes them. “This is a process,” Cortado made sure to point out. “We’re all very young and learning. But we all listen to what we all have to say and we agree on the music we create.”

Incredibly, the band members themselves mostly didn’t know one another. Either one was a friend of a friend or a classmate. The music brought them together.

“When you listen to us, you will hear our influences,” admitted Bardoc. “But it is our voice and take on our influences.”

The music thus far are six songs that they unveiled to the crowd at Archipelago. Veteran musician Mally Paraguya (Tame the Tikbalang and P.O.T.) heard the band and while several generations removed from his own personal influences and tastes, he decided to help them.

“They have good songs and potential,” simply said Paraguya who also received some help from another veteran in the local music scene, Mel Maniego from Filipino punk rock pioneers Private Stock.

They unveiled five of their original songs “Wala,” “High,” “Ayan Tuloy,” Bangon,” and “Diyan Ka Na” to the Archipelago crowd that included veteran music journalists and artist and repertoire managers.

“While most of our songs are in Filipino, we also have some in English,” said Limueco.

“Right now, we have an album that we are polishing for a formal debut,” added Paraguya. “That should be out soon.”

“These kids are talented,” pointed out Maniego. “We know the scene is very competitive, but we are confident Zerise will do well.”

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