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Manchester City footballers flew 22 Instagram models out to Cheshire for a ‘Bunga Bunga’ style party at a luxury hotel and spa resort.

The women were flown over to Manchester on Sunday before checking into the £150-a-night Mere Golf Resort in Knutsford prior to the team’s match against Aston Villa that afternoon.

The team beat Villa 6-1 and it was thought the party had occurred with the permission of manager Pep Guardiola.

Fixers close to the club are believed to have organised the team bonding night, but it was not clear if Guardiola had been aware that the models were also in attendance.

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Amira Paula was one of the models who attended the party in Cheshire over the weekend 

Marta Tejada (above) posed in an elegant ensemble for an Instagram photo which she shared with her followers 

Isa Rivera (left) and Amira Paula (right) posed for sultry snaps at the hotel which they later posted on Instgram

The women are believed to have been hosted at the The Mere Golf Resort in Knutsford (above)

Chiara Battola posted an Instagram story entitled ‘Manchester’ where she showed herself checking into The Mere with a friend (left) before uploading other pictures of her in the pool (right)and wearing glamorous dresses 

Many of the models took to Instagram to document their Cheshire escape with videos in the spa and other photos that showed them relaxing, dressed in glamorous clothing.

Ballerina Chiara Battola posted this glamorous picture from The Mere 

Speaking to the Sun, a source said it had been a delayed Christmas party for the players and that a liaison officer for the club had spent months organising the soirée.

‘I think their Wags will be surprised to hear these women were invited, but that they weren’t’.

The source also added that they could have been members of the Manchester City supporters’ club in Milan.

‘Either way, they are very beautiful and looked like they had a really fun time. I assume the players did too.’

One of the models was Amira Paula, who posted to Instagram during her stay. Not one to travel alone, the model checked in with a friend before being picked up by a driver who took them to the airport.

Another Instagram star, Marta Tejada, had also posted videos of her popping champagne bottles.

Marta Tejada (left and right) took to social media where she posted videos of herself at the resort

Amira Paula posed in a revealing outfit and put her designer bag on the table whilst at the hotel 

Social media images show one of the young models, Marta Tejada popping a bottle of champagne on a large hotel room bed 

Amira Paula (left) posted this revealing picture from the Mere Golf Resort and Spa in Knutsford, Cheshire on Sunday, while Chiara Battola (right) posed in a glamorous dress 

Famous faces included Italian TV sports presenter Chriara Giuffrida who posed outside the hotel in a fur coat

Three of the italian models are pictured posing for a picture on Sunday, January 12 

Famous faces included Italian TV presenter Chriara Giuffrida, who posed outside the venue in an expensive fur coat and sporting a designer handbag. as well as Isa Rivera, who posted a clip of the group enjoying breakfast.

Other pictures showed Chiara Battola in the bath, while other bikini clad women were also present.

The Sun also reported that some of the group has stayed an extra night, taking the opportunity to see some of Manchester’s night life.

A spokesperson for the club was unable to be reached by MailOnline, but a source at the club denied claims that the players had partied with the women.

One Italian website claimed the women had been flown over to ‘entertain’ the footballers at the 81 room venue in one of Cheshire’s most prestigious areas. 

Italian ballerina Chiara Battola (left) posted Instagram stories of herself and her friend Francesca del Bufalo (right) at the Cheshire hotel 

Man City (team above) won the match on Sunday which they played at Aston Villa 

Manchester City stars fly 22 models to £150-a-night Cheshire hotel

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