Korean Fans Demand Chen To Leave EXO After Feeling “Betrayed” By His Marriage News

EXO‘s Chen recently revealed in a handwritten letter that he will be getting married with his non-celebrity girlfriend who is currently carrying their baby. As many of his true fans are celebrating the beautiful news, a group of Korean netizens and fans began to criticize him.

Numerous online posts criticizing Chen as “selfish” and “thoughtless” began to top online forums under “Popular Posts”. Korean fans claimed they were betrayed by Chen and that he should be apologizing to his fans instead.

Many even went far as to demand that Chen leave the group.

They criticized him as “irresponsible” for getting his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock and before serving in the military.

As the Korean society still remains mostly conservative, many frown upon situations where someone gets pregnant before marriage or “becoming a man” by serving in the military.exo chen kfan reactions 2

Malicious fans went even as far as to compare Chen to other members. They claimed he was able to announce his marriage and pregnancy because he was an “unpopular member”.

**ㅋㅋㅋ 첸이라 다들 축하해주지 변백현이었으면 지금 스엠 숙소로 살인청부업자갔대 미쳤나 pic.twitter.com/lFJWZGdcz0

— 립톤 (@Lipton_sope) January 13, 2020

People can congratulate him because he’s Chen. If it was Baekhyun, a hitman would have been sent to SM’s dorms

Thankfully, Chen’s true fans are not about to let the negativity bring down his celebratory news! EXO-Ls criticized the malicious “fans” and reminded Chen that he’s loved and supported!

Be strong our jongdae, were always here to support every decision you made. Keep smiling and don’t mind the negativity. Let’s all fight for this battle. 사랑해 ♡♡♡ #Chen #Jongdae @weareoneEXO pic.twitter.com/UjlgFjV1W7

— EXO Kings 👑 (@chnylbunny) January 13, 2020

EXO-L+EXO+2🤰… Welcome 👰🏻 and our baby 👶🏻 we love you mini Chen ❤ #exo #엑소 pic.twitter.com/G6WUk4SpU5

— Saule (@Aya64858123) January 13, 2020

I’m very happy for you. I will always be a fan of exo. ♥💙
We are One EXO and EXOL ♥💙#EXO #Chen @exoonearewe @weareoneEXO pic.twitter.com/O59JbX14CG

— EXOL (@EXOL64466421) January 13, 2020

Our Peter pan found his Wendy❤ Congratulations to Chen and his fiancee 🎉😇 you deserved all the happiness and love ❤Wish you a happy life with your love and your coming baby😇 Exo-Ls we are getting mini Chen … congratulations to Exo-Ls too we are becoming aunty❤✌#Chen❤😇 pic.twitter.com/tXvzDuuM96

— RB Kim (@RBKim3) January 13, 2020

Congratulations to Chen on his upcoming marriage and baby! May he always remember that no matter what happens, his true fans will always be there to support him!

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