EXO’s Chen Reveals He Is Getting Married

EXO‘s Chen has revealed through EXO’s official fanclub on LYSN a hand written letter confirming he has a girlfriend, and that he will be marrying her.

In the letter, he reveals he has a girlfriend, who is someone who he wants to be with for the rest of his life.

Hello, this is Chen.

I have something to say to my fans, so I wrote this letter. I don’t know how to start, so I am very nervous. I wanted to be the first one to tell my fans who I love so much, so I am leaving this post even with my lacking sentences.

I have a girlfriend who I want to be with for the rest of my life.

I was worried and concerned with what would happen with my decision, but I wanted to let everyone know early so my members, the company, my agency, and especially my fans who are proud of me wouldn’t be surprised by the sudden news, so I talked it out with my agency and the members.

During that time a blessing came to me. I was shocked because I wasn’t able to take part in the plans that I had made with the members and the company. But, this blessing gave me the strength and courage. I thought about how and when I should reveal the news but I didn’t want to wait any longer so I am carefully revealing it to you all now.

I am grateful to my members for genuinely supporting and congratulating me and to our fans for always showering us with insurmountable love. I will always be grateful for all of you and will continue to do my best in the position I am in.

Thank you always.

— Chen

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Report: Meghan Markle Now Refusing To Move Back To The United States While Trump Is President

According to reports coming from England, Meghan Markle and her husband are settling in Canada and refusing to move to Hollywood to pursue Meghan’s career until President Trump is no longer president.

READ MORE: Prince William — “I’ve Put My Arm Around My Brother All Our Lives And I Can’t Do That Anymore…I’m Sad About That”

As far as Trump Derangement Syndrome goes, this takes the cake. We knew that Meghan Markle was an unstable and narcissistic loony tunes, but it turns out we may have underestimated the degree to which she is far, far gone. It looks like this is Meghan Markle’s world, and her husband, whose name is escaping me at the moment, is just along for the ride.

Harry and Meghan may settle in the US eventually – but not while President Donald Trump is in charge.

Friends have told the Daily Mail that while the couple plan to live in Canada at first – although probably not on Vancouver Island – their ultimate aim is to have a home and business in Los Angeles.

However, staunch Democrat Meghan, who has openly been critical of Mr Trump and missed the President’s state visit to the UK last year, has said that she will not move to the US while he is in charge. 

‘It’s by no means an immediate thing but there is a long-term plan to end up back in the US with a second home in Canada, where they will also spent a great deal of time,’ the source said.

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Suggests Meghan Markle Needs To Toughen Up After She Whines About How ‘Hard’ Her Life Is

‘The couple used the words North America in their statement about where they planned to live deliberately. It doesn’t pin them down to any one place.’

An aide stressed that negotiations over the couple’s future were only taking place with the UK and Canadian governments but said nothing could be ruled out.

In 2016, before she met Harry, Meghan called Mr Trump ‘divisive’ and ‘misogynistic’. She pledged to vote for his presidential rival Hillary Clinton and threatened to move to Canada if he won. [Daily Mail]

There have long been signs and omens for Prince Harry. Early on, rumors swirled about her sex life and her career in New York City. She was rumored to have worked as an escort and have slept with two Hollywood bosses in order to launch her acting career. The royal family has strongly denied these allegations.

In addition, the unfounded reports pushed by online trolls also suggested Markle, 36, bedded at least two powerful film producers.

“Prince Harry has been fiercely protective of Meghan and wants to take legal action to get these accusations off the web,” said a royal insider.

The false reports allege the former Suits star trawled for clients at the members-only club Soho House, and landed her TV roles by having sex with showbiz bosses.

Prince Harry, 33, is waiting until after the honeymoon to sue to avoid having his wife “stressed by having to look over legal letters,” sources said.

Perhaps even more sickening, Meghan kept an anonymous blog detailing her sexual escapades as a young actress.

Before marrying Harry on May 19, Markle spent years trying to break into the big time.

During 2006 and 2007, she appeared on Deal or No Deal as a briefcase model, posing in a skimpy red dress.

After playing bit parts in several series and TV movies, she landed her breakout Suits role in 2011.

In February, she was revealed as the author of a racy secret diary that detailed the struggles of a Tinseltown wannabe.

Markle called herself “The Working Actress” and used a silhouette of a director’s chair as the logo for her anonymous blog, which she started in 2010.

It was packed with naughty language and saucy confessions, including Markle dishing about her “magical boobs” and “lots of sex!”

The blog, which was deleted in 2012, also described how Markle was “hustling” for stardom. [Radar Online]

Excuse while I run to the loo, as the Brits say, to go and evacuate my dinner. Prince Harry is in way over his head, and unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be aware of how bad it really is. Now, it appears that the spoiled brat Markle wishes to hide out in Canada until “Orange Man Bad” is no longer president, at which point she will gallivant on down to Hollywood to resume her film career. Perhaps Prince Harry will be left sulking at home, looking after Archie?

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Prince Harry Says He’s Leaving The Royals To “Protect His Family”

(TMU) — Last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the shocking announcement they will be stepping down from life as royals. Those close to the couple expect that an explosive interview about the royal family could be in the future, although they have promised to still support the queen.

Queen Elizabeth II, Harry’s grandmother, was reportedly unaware of Harry’s decision to separate himself from royal life before it was announced to the media. British media has framed the issue as family infighting, suggesting that the split is the result of personal issues and feuds within the family. But there have been some suggestions that deeper reasons exist for Harry and Meghan’s departure.

Inside sources have told reporters that the “monarchy has never been seen in such a bad state,” especially considering the ongoing scandal involving Prince Andrew.

Prince Harry’s friend, JJ Chalmers, made a strange comment on BBC’s The One Show on January 10, saying that Harry likely made this decision to “protect his family” and was attempting to do what was right for his family, but Chalmers would not elaborate on what—or who—Harry would actually be protecting his family from.

.@JJChalmersRM is here to share his thoughts on #HarryandMeghan‘s exit with @PatricKielty and @missAlexjones
#TheOneShow pic.twitter.com/evfwW5huIA

— BBC The One Show (@BBCTheOneShow) January 10, 2020

But even more remarkably, video of Harry himself discussing the need to protect his family has also been making the rounds on social media, with the video below having been retweeted more than 70,000 times since it was posted on January 8.

Prince Harry said what he said and I’m here to remind you. Period. pic.twitter.com/t1dyZ8Tt3A

— . (@meghanysl) January 9, 2020

In another video of the same interview, Harry is heard saying “I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mom.”

“I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mom” OOF pic.twitter.com/DBK1sNXDZn

— Nardos (@lvnlavidanardos) January 10, 2020

In response to the couple’s announcement, the queen has reportedly ordered a meeting to take place Monday to address Harry’s decision, his future with the monarchy, and any changes that might come as a result of his departure. It is not clear exactly who will be in attendance, but it has been reported that Meghan Markle will only be able to join the meeting by phone.

The Queen has called a family meeting to thrash out solutions to Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to step back as senior royals

— Sky News Breaking (@SkyNewsBreak) January 11, 2020

Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana had problems with the royal lifestyle that appear similar to those of Harry and Meghan. Sadly, Diana tragically died in a mysterious car accident when Harry was a child. At the time, Diana was in the midst of a feud with the royal family, leaving an enduring legacy of conspiracy theories after her death.

By John Vibes | Creative Commons | TheMindUnleashed.com

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Korean Fans Demand Chen To Leave EXO After Feeling “Betrayed” By His Marriage News

EXO‘s Chen recently revealed in a handwritten letter that he will be getting married with his non-celebrity girlfriend who is currently carrying their baby. As many of his true fans are celebrating the beautiful news, a group of Korean netizens and fans began to criticize him.

Numerous online posts criticizing Chen as “selfish” and “thoughtless” began to top online forums under “Popular Posts”. Korean fans claimed they were betrayed by Chen and that he should be apologizing to his fans instead.

Many even went far as to demand that Chen leave the group.

They criticized him as “irresponsible” for getting his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock and before serving in the military.

As the Korean society still remains mostly conservative, many frown upon situations where someone gets pregnant before marriage or “becoming a man” by serving in the military.exo chen kfan reactions 2

Malicious fans went even as far as to compare Chen to other members. They claimed he was able to announce his marriage and pregnancy because he was an “unpopular member”.

**ㅋㅋㅋ 첸이라 다들 축하해주지 변백현이었으면 지금 스엠 숙소로 살인청부업자갔대 미쳤나 pic.twitter.com/lFJWZGdcz0

— 립톤 (@Lipton_sope) January 13, 2020

People can congratulate him because he’s Chen. If it was Baekhyun, a hitman would have been sent to SM’s dorms

Thankfully, Chen’s true fans are not about to let the negativity bring down his celebratory news! EXO-Ls criticized the malicious “fans” and reminded Chen that he’s loved and supported!

Be strong our jongdae, were always here to support every decision you made. Keep smiling and don’t mind the negativity. Let’s all fight for this battle. 사랑해 ♡♡♡ #Chen #Jongdae @weareoneEXO pic.twitter.com/UjlgFjV1W7

— EXO Kings 👑 (@chnylbunny) January 13, 2020

EXO-L+EXO+2🤰… Welcome 👰🏻 and our baby 👶🏻 we love you mini Chen ❤ #exo #엑소 pic.twitter.com/G6WUk4SpU5

— Saule (@Aya64858123) January 13, 2020

I’m very happy for you. I will always be a fan of exo. ♥💙
We are One EXO and EXOL ♥💙#EXO #Chen @exoonearewe @weareoneEXO pic.twitter.com/O59JbX14CG

— EXOL (@EXOL64466421) January 13, 2020

Our Peter pan found his Wendy❤ Congratulations to Chen and his fiancee 🎉😇 you deserved all the happiness and love ❤Wish you a happy life with your love and your coming baby😇 Exo-Ls we are getting mini Chen … congratulations to Exo-Ls too we are becoming aunty❤✌#Chen❤😇 pic.twitter.com/tXvzDuuM96

— RB Kim (@RBKim3) January 13, 2020

Congratulations to Chen on his upcoming marriage and baby! May he always remember that no matter what happens, his true fans will always be there to support him!

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Justin Bieber criticised over perceptions he has not donated to bushfire relief | 7NEWS.com.au

Pop star Justin Bieber has come under fire from social media users claiming the artist has not donated to any Australian bushfire causes.

The 25-year-old has been online promoting his new single, Yummy, which has cracked the top 10 on Australian streaming charts.

But the song’s success has prompted a negative response from some Twitter users who have not seen any public declarations by Bieber of any financial contributions to bushfire relief.

“You should match the number of Australian streams and donate the money to those affected by the Australian Bushfires,” one person wrote.

“Enough about #yummy, can we see you make a real difference and donate to the Australian bushfires happening RIGHT NOW?” another questioned the singer.

“You probably own 20 cars now instead of paying for an extra y not think of the people who have lost their homes in the Australian bushfires you need 1 car don’t be greedy sell them and donate,” one more said.

The Love Yourself singer and his wife, model Hailey Bieber, regularly visit Australia.

In 2013, Bieber undertook a national tour of Australia.

He came back to perform across the nation in March 2017 and returned later that year to attend a Hillsong conference.

7NEWS.com.au has reached out to Bieber’s management for comment.

The singer has not yet shared any awareness about the effects of the bushfires on his social media platforms, and it is not confirmed whether he has donated privately to any bushfire causes.

Bieber is not the first celebrity to attract this type of reaction from social media users during the bushfire crisis.

On January 6, reality TV star Kim Kardashian West was criticised online for allegedly not making a donation towards the blazes.

Kardashian West was quick to respond, writing: “Nothing gets me more heated than to see people think they know what we donated to and to think we have to publicise everything.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star did not disclose the amount she and her famous sisters have donated.

Several celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth, Serena Williams and Kylie Minogue have publicly donated funds in the name of bushfire relief.

Australian comedian Celeste Barber’s Facebook fundraiser has surpassed $50 million.

In the video below, Justin Bieber announces Lyme disease diagnosis

Justin Bieber has announced he has Lyme disease. In a post to Instagram the pop superstar from Stratford, Ont., revealed that he had been “recently diagnosed” with Lyme disease. Lyme is a tick-borne bacteria that leads to flu-like symptoms an…

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2020 Oscar Nominations List: Academy Awards Nominees – Variety

Todd Phillips’ “Joker,” a comic-book origin story about Batman’s biggest foe, scored a leading 11 Oscar nominations on Monday, including best picture, best director for Phillips and best actor for Joaquin Phoenix.

Martin Scorsese’s mob epic “The Irishman,” Quentin Tarantino’s ode to Los Angeles “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and Sam Mendes’ war drama “1917” followed close behind with 10 nods a piece. Those films, along with “Ford v Ferrari,” “Jojo Rabbit,” “Little Women,” “Marriage Story” and “Parasite” will compete for best picture.

Female filmmakers were entirely shut out of the best director race. Along with Phillips, the nominees include Scorsese for “The Irishman,” Mendes for “1917,” Tarantino for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and Bong Joon Ho for “Parasite.”

The Academy Awards will air live Feb. 9 on ABC.

Here is the full list of 2020 Oscar nominations:

Best Picture:

“Ford v Ferrari”
“The Irishman”
“Jojo Rabbit”
“Little Women”
“Marriage Story”
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Lead Actor:

Antonio Banderas “Pain and Glory”
Leonardo DiCaprio “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
Adam Driver “Marriage Story”
Joaquin Phoenix “Joker”
Jonathan Pryce “The Two Popes”

Lead Actress:

Cynthia Erivo “Harriet”
Scarlett Johansson “Marriage Story”
Saoirse Ronan “Little Women”
Charlize Theron “Bombshell”
Renee Zellweger “Judy”

Supporting Actor:

Tom Hanks, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”
Anthony Hopkins, “The Two Popes”
Al Pacino, “The Irishman”
Joe Pesci, “The Irishman”
Brad Pitt, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Supporting Actress:

Kathy Bates, “Richard Jewell”
Laura Dern, “Marriage Story”
Scarlett Johannson, “Jojo Rabbit”
Florence Pugh, “Little Women”
Margot Robbie, “Bombshell”


Martin Scorsese, “The Irishman”
Todd Phillips, “Joker”
Sam Mendes, “1917”
Quentin Tarantino, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
Bong Joon Ho, “Parasite”

Animated Feature:

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” Dean DeBlois
“I Lost My Body” Jeremy Clapin
“Klaus” Sergio Pablos
“Missing Link” Chris Butler
“Toy Story 4”  Josh Cooley

Animated Short:

“Dcera,” Daria Kashcheeva
“Hair Love,” Matthew A. Cherry
“Kitbull,” Rosana Sullivan
“Memorable,” Bruno Collet
“Sister,” Siqi Song

Adapted Screenplay:

“The Irishman,” Steven Zaillian
“Jojo Rabbit,” Taika Waititi
“Joker,” Todd Phillips, Scott Silver
“Just Mercy” Destin Daniel Cretton and Andrew Lanham
“Little Women,” Greta Gerwig
“The Two Popes,” Anthony McCarten

Original Screenplay:

“Knives Out,” Rian Johnson
“Marriage Story,” Noah Baumbach
“1917,” Sam Mendes and Krysty Wilson-Cairns
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Quentin Tarantino
“Parasite,” Bong Joon-ho, Jin Won Han


“The Irishman,” Rodrigo Prieto
“Joker,” Lawrence Sher
“The Lighthouse,” Jarin Blaschke
“1917,” Roger Deakins
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Robert Richardson

Best Documentary Feature:

“American Factory,” Julia Rieichert, Steven Bognar
“The Cave,” Feras Fayyad
“The Edge of Democracy,” Petra Costa
“For Sama,” Waad Al-Kateab, Edward Watts
“Honeyland,” Tamara Kotevska, Ljubo Stefanov

Best Documentary Short Subject:

“In the Absence,” Yi Seung-Jun and Gary Byung-Seok Kam
“Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone,” Carol Dysinger
“Life Overtakes Me,” Kristine Samuelson and John Haptas
“St. Louis Superman,” Smriti Mundhra and Sami Khan
“Walk Run Cha-Cha,” Laura Nix

Best Live Action Short Film:

“Brotherhood,” Meryam Joobeur
“Nefta Football Club,” Yves Piat
“The Neighbors’ Window,” Marshall Curry
“Saria,” Bryan Buckley
“A Sister,” Delphine Girard

Best International Feature Film:

“Corpus Christi,” Jan Komasa
“Honeyland,” Tamara Kotevska, Ljubo Stefanov
“Les Miserables,” Ladj Ly
“Pain and Glory,” Pedro Almodovar
“Parasite,” Bong Joon Ho

Film Editing:

“Ford v Ferrari,” Michael McCusker, Andrew Buckland
“The Irishman,” Thelma Schoonmaker
“Jojo Rabbit,” Tom Eagles
“Joker,” Jeff Groth
“Parasite,” Jinmo Yang

Sound Editing:

“Ford v Ferrari,” Don Sylvester
“Joker,” Alan Robert Murray
“1917,” Oliver Tarney, Rachel Tate
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Wylie Stateman
“Star Wars: The Rise of SkyWalker,” Matthew Wood, David Acord

Sound Mixing:

“Ad Astra”
“Ford v Ferrari”
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Production Design:

“The Irishman,” Bob Shaw and Regina Graves
“Jojo Rabbit,” Ra Vincent and Nora Sopkova
“1917,” Dennis Gassner and Lee Sandales
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Barbara Ling and Nancy Haigh
“Parasite,” Lee Ha-Jun and Cho Won Woo, Han Ga Ram, and Cho Hee

Original Score:

“Joker,” Hildur Guðnadóttir
“Little Women,” Alexandre Desplat
“Marriage Story,” Randy Newman
“1917,” Thomas Newman
“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” John Williams*“The King,” Nicholas Britell

Original Song:

“I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away,” “Toy Story 4”
“I’m Gonna Love Me Again,” “Rocketman”
“I’m Standing With You,” “Breakthrough”
“Into the Unknown,” “Frozen 2”
“Stand Up,” “Harriet”

Makeup and Hair:

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”

Costume Design:

”The Irishman,” Sandy Powell, Christopher Peterson
“Jojo Rabbit,” Mayes C. Rubeo
“Joker,” Mark Bridges
“Little Women,” Jacqueline Durran
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Arianne Phillips

Visual Effects:

“Avengers Endgame”
“The Irishman”
“The Lion King”
“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”

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Oscar nominations 2020: Academy Award nominees are announced | Daily Mail Online

Joker is the leading nominee for the 2020 Oscars having picked up 11 nominations in a year where only one black actor and no female directors were nominated.

The dark comic book tale Joker topped the Oscar nominations on Monday with Netflix’s The Irishman, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and World War I odyssey 1917 following close behind after each scoring 10. 

They were among the nine films nominated for best picture with the others including Parasite, Little Women, Marriage Story, Jojo Rabbit and Ford v Ferrari. 

Much of the focus so far this award season has been on the lack of women and ethnic minority filmmakers honored. 

Only one non-white actor, British star Cynthia Erivo, was nominated this year for her role as U.S. anti-slavery icon Harriet Tubman in Harriet.  

The best director category this year was also male dominated for the 87th time with Greta Gerwig missing out for Little Women.   

Issa Rae, who was announcing the Oscar nominees, had a dig at the Academy during the broadcast, saying ‘congratulations to those men’ after noticing Gerwig’s snub.     

Joker is the leading nominee for the Academy Awards having picked up 11 nominations, including best actor (Joaquin Phoenix)

Netflix’s The Irishman picked up a number of Oscar nominations including best picture, best director and two for support actor: Al Pacino and Joe Pesci


Once Upon a Time In Hollywood: 10


While Joker was expected to do well, the academy’s overwhelming support for a movie that was far from a critical favorite was unexpected. 

The much-debated supervillain origin story’s nominations included best actor for Joaquin Phoenix and best director for Todd Phillips, as well as adapted screenplay, film editing and sound editing. 

Scarlett Johansson picked up her first ever nominations in both the best actress category for Marriage Story and best supporting actress for Jojo Rabbit. That feat hasn’t occurred since Cate Blanchett was nominated for both categories back in 2007.   

Netflix picked up a whopping 24 nominations with the likes of The Irishman, Marriage Story, The Two Popes and documentary American Factory. 

Among the glaring snubs was Jennifer Lopez who failed to pick up her first nomination for her role in Hustlers. Awkwafina also missed out despite winning a Golden Globe for The Farewell.  

The nominees for best actress are: Cynthia Erivo in Harriet; Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story; Saoirse Ronan in Little Women; Charlize Theron in Bombshell; and Renée Zellweger in Judy. 

The nominees for best actor are: Antonio Banderas in Pain and Glory; Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; Adam Driver in Marriage Story; Jonathan Pryce in The Two Popes; and Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. 

Noticeable absent from the best actor list was Taron Egerton who picked up the Golden Globe for playing Elton John in Rocketman. Christian Bale (Ford v. Ferrari), Robert DeNiro (The Irishman) and Eddie Murphy (Dolemite Is My Name) were also skipped over in the category. 

In the best supporting actor category, Brad Pitt for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci for The Irishman, Tom Hanks for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Anthony Hopkins for The Two Popes secured nominations. 

The nominees for best supporting actress are: Kathy Bates in Richard Jewell; Laura Dern in Marriage Story; Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit; Florence Pugh in Little Women; and Margot Robbie in Bombshell.  

Scarlett Johansson picked up her first ever nominations in both the best actress category for Marriage Story and best supporting actress for Jojo Rabbit (above)

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood picked up nominations in the major categories including best picture, best director, best actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and best supporting actor (Brad Pitt) 

The Oscars picked only one non-white actor – British star Cynthia Erivo, who plays U.S. anti-slavery icon Harriet Tubman in Harriet

Charlize Theron (left) and Margot Robbie (right) picked up nominations for best actress and best supporting actress for Bombshell

The best director nominees are: Bong Joon Ho for Parasite; Sam Mendes for 1917; Todd Phillips for Joker; Martin Scorsese for The Irishman; and Quentin Tarantino for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. 

American Factory, the first release from Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, picked up a nomination in the documentary feature category. The ther nominees were The Cave, The Edge of Democracy, For Sama and Honeyland. 

Social satire Parasite became the first South Korean movie to be nominated in both the best picture and best international film categories. Director Bong Joon Ho also received a nod for best director. 

Disney blockbusters The Lion King and Frozen 2 were both omitted in the animated feature film category. Beyoncé also did not get noticed for her song Spirit on The Lion King soundtrack.

Lack of women and ethnic minority filmmakers honored 

Issa Rae, who was announcing the nominations, threw shade at Academy for the all-male directors category saying ‘congratulation to all those men’

Much of the focus so far this award season has been on the lack of women and ethnic minority filmmakers honored. 

Gerwig’s acclaimed Little Women adaptation was notably absent in several award nominations announcements despite being one of nine films nominated for the best picture Oscar. 

US star Issa Rae, who was announcing the nominations, threw shade at the all-male directors category.

‘Congratulations to those men,’ she said after announcing the nominees, including Martin Scorsese, Todd Phillips, Sam Mendes, Quentin Tarantino and Bong Joon Ho.

Later in the broadcast, Issa also made a dig at the Academy for only nominating Gerwig in the Best Adapted Screenplay category despite the critical acclaim she has received for her take on the Louisa May Alcott classic. 

‘They actually let Greta in there,’ she said.  

‘Unfortunately there are just five nominees’ for best director in an ‘incredibly strong year,’ one Academy voter who asked not to be named said, pointing to the revered track records of the likes of Scorsese, Tarantino and Mendes.

Controversy over those omissions, in an industry criticized for its lack of diversity, was fueled at last week’s BAFTA nominations, which were also condemned for overlooking ethnic minorities. 

The Oscars picked only one non-white actor – British star Cynthia Erivo, who plays U.S. anti-slavery icon Harriet Tubman in Harriet.

Notable snubs included Eddie Murphy for blaxploitation biopic Dolemite Is My Name, Jennifer Lopez for Hustlers, Awkwafina for The Farewell and Lupita Nyong’o for Us.

Last year, three of the four acting Oscars went to non-white performers. 

The nominees for best actress are: Cynthia Erivo in Harriet; Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story; Saoirse Ronan in Little Women (left); Charlize Theron in Bombshell; and Renée Zellweger in Judy (right)

Both Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver were nominated for best actress and actor for the Netflix drama Marriage Story

South Korean class satire Parasite from Bong Joon-ho secured a spot in the best picture and best director slot

Jonathan Pryce in The Two Popes (right) picked up a nomination for best actor while Sam Mendes’s World War I odyssey 1917 (left) picked up 10 nominations

Netflix lands 24 Oscar nominations in quest for best picture trophy 

Streaming video service Netflix will have another chance to snatch the movie industry’s top prize from Hollywood’s traditional film studios after receiving 24 nominations. 

Two Netflix movies, Mafia epic The Irishman and divorce drama Marriage Story scored nominations for the coveted best picture trophy.

The Silicon Valley giant, which reinvented television, will battle for Oscar glory against century-old Hollywood studios, including Comcast Corp’s Universal Pictures, AT&T Inc’s Warner Bros. and Sony Corp’s Columbia Pictures.  

American Factory, the first release from Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, picked up a nomination for documentary feature

The companies behind the movies are expected to spend millions to court Oscar voters in the coming weeks on TV commercials, digital ads and special events with A-list celebrities in New York and Los Angeles.

Winning best picture would burnish Netflix’s reputation in the film business and give it new bragging rights in the increasingly competitive fight for streaming video viewers. The company began releasing original movies in 2015 and has been trying to build a library of prestige films alongside its dozens of comedies, thrillers and action flicks.

But the digital video pioneer has irked theater owners by insisting that its films stream at the same time, or a few weeks after, they debut in theaters. Major theater chains have objected to the timing and refused to show Netflix films. The practice also forced members of the film academy to debate how to define a movie.

Last year, Netflix’s Roma competed for best picture but did not win. The streaming giant received a total of 15 nominations in 2019. 

During the recent Golden Globes, Netflix only secured one win: Laura Dern for best support actress in Marriage Story. 

Nominations for The Irishman, which tells the story of the disappearance of labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa, included best director for Martin Scorsese and supporting actor for Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

Marriage Story stars Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, who play a show-business couple navigating a divorce and custody battle, received lead acting nominations.

Among Netflix’s other nominations, Klaus and I Lost My Body were named in the best animated feature category.  

92nd Annual Academy Awards – the nominees in full

Cynthia Erivo – Harriet

Scarlett Johansson – Marriage Story

Saoirse Ronan – Little Women

Charlize Theron – Bombshell

Renée Zellweger – Judy

Antonio Banderas – Pain and Glory 

Leonardo DiCaprio – Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Adam Driver – Marriage Story

Joaquin Phoenix – Joker

Jonathan Pryce – The Two Popes  


Kathy Bates – Richard Jewell

Laura Dern – Marriage Story

Scarlett Johansson – Jojo Rabbit

Margot Robbie – Bombshell

Tom Hanks – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Anthony Hopkins – The Two Popes

Al Pacino – The Irishman

Joe Pesci – The Irishman

Brad Pitt – Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood


Bong Joon Ho – Parasite

Sam Mendes – 1917

Todd Phillips – Joker

Martin Scorsese – The Irishman

Quentin Tarantino – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

The Irishman   


Ford V Ferrari – Donald Sylvester

Joker – Alan Robert Murray

1917 – Oliver Tarrney and Rachel Tate

One Upon as Time in Hollywood – Wylie Stateman

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker – Matthew Wood and David Acord



I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away – Toy Story 4

I’m Gonna Love me Again – Rocketman

I’m Standing With You – Breakthrough

Into the Unknown – Frozen II

Stand Up – Harriet


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


In the Absence

Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)


Avengers: Endgame


1917 – Sam Mendes & Krysty Wilson-Cairns

Knives Out – Rian Johnson

Marriage Story – Noah Baumbach

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Quentin Tarantino

Parasite – Bong Joon Ho & Jin Won Han 


The Irishman – Steven Zaillian

Jojo Rabbit – Taika Waititi

Joker – Todd Phillips & Scott Silver

Little Women – Greta Gerwig

The Two Popes – Anthony McCarten


Corpus Christi (Poland)

Honeyland (North Macedonia)

Les Miserables (France)

Pain and Glory (Spain)

Parasite (South Korea)     

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


Ford v Ferrari – Andrew Buckland & Michael McCusker

The Irishman – Thelma Schoonmaker

Jojo Rabbit – Tom Eagles

Joker – Jeff Groth

The Irishman – Rodrigo Prieto

Joker – Lawrence Sher

The Lighthouse – Jarin Blaschke

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Robert Richardson          

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Barack And Michelle Obama Break Their Silence After Their Documentary Is Nominated For An Oscar

When the Academy Award nominations were announced on Monday morning, it was revealed that Barack and Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary American Factory had been nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Afterwards, the former president and first lady spoke out to express their happiness at the nomination.

Breitbart reported that American Factory, which was produced by the Obamas’ production company Higher Ground, tells the story of a Chinese billionaire who re-opens an abandoned General Motors plant in Ohio. The Obamas managed to acquire the film after it debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

“Glad to see American Factory’s Oscar nod for Best Documentary,” Barack Obama tweeted today. “It’s the kind of story we don’t see often enough and it’s exactly what Michelle and I hope to achieve with Higher Ground. Congrats to the incredible filmmakers and entire team!”

Glad to see American Factory’s Oscar nod for Best Documentary. It’s the kind of story we don’t see often enough and it’s exactly what Michelle and I hope to achieve with Higher Ground. Congrats to the incredible filmmakers and entire team!

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) January 13, 2020

Michelle Obama also took to Twitter to celebrate the nomination.

“So thrilled that Julia Reichert, Steven Bognar, and all of the incredible people behind ‘American Factory’ are nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar!” Michelle wrote. “We’re so proud of them and amazed by their talent for storytelling. See for yourself now on Netflix.”

So thrilled that Julia Reichert, Steven Bognar, and all of the incredible people behind #AmericanFactory are nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar! We’re so proud of them and amazed by their talent for storytelling. See for yourself now on @Netflix. pic.twitter.com/pLEE5zg0gr

— Michelle Obama (@MichelleObama) January 13, 2020

Unfortunately for the Obamas, the Academy rules state that only a documentary’s director and producers may be nominated for the movie, so they won’t be able to accept the Oscar statuettes if the movie wins big at the ceremony.

In a piece for Politico, journalist Ted Johnson called American Factory the Obamas’ “first big anti-Trump statement of 2020” in a piece published Tuesday by Politico.

“Its message is clear: Trump’s promise to reinvigorate the industrial heartland is going to take a lot more than a campaign slogan. There are no easy solutions. And if some manufacturing jobs do come back, they’re going to look nothing like they used to,” Johnson wrote. “Americans will have to accept a new reality to stay competitive in the global marketplace — one that they might not like, and one that Trump doesn’t acknowledge.”

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Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior’ to be made tax-free in Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh

— Read the article [Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior’ to be made tax-free in Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh] on OpIndia website —

The Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh government is all set to make Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior tax free in the state. According to sources, the notification for the same is set to be out later today.

The Ajay Devgn starrer details the Battle of Sinhagad that was fought between the Tanaji Malusare, a military commander under Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Uday Singh Bhan for the Kondana Fort. After a bitter duel between Tanaji and Bhan, the fort was reclaimed by the Marathas in the year 1670.

It was in this battle that Tanaji Malusare laid his life down while fighting Uday Bhan. In his honour, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had renamed the Kondana fort to ‘Sinhagad’.

The famous one liner of Shivaji Maharaj, ‘Gadh Ala, Pan Singh Gela’ was said afterr Tanaji laid his life down, essentially meaning that the Marathas won the fort, but lost the lion.

Read: Watch: ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj…’ Tanhaji actor Sharad Kelkar corrects journalist who referred to the Maratha warrior by his first name

The movie is a grand display of cultural pride and historical grandios of the Marathas. In fact, the distinctly Hindu symbolism in the movie did not go down well with several “liberals” who criticised the movie for being “Islamophobic” and “promoting Hindutva”.

The Left wing propaganda website The Wire even managed to somehow connect the movie with Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah. Calling it a tribute to ‘Hindu Rashtra’, The Wire wrote, “less of a feature film and more of a presentation to Modi and Amit Shah’ to realise their deeply egregious ideas about India. ‘Tanhaji’ tells a deeply divisive story when the country is on the brink of getting torn”.

Read: Tanhaji reviews: Hinduphobic portals go mental as the movie wows the audience with visual grandeur and cultural pride

The Quint, was not to be left behind. “The underscoring of the characters’ religion, however, occurs most prominently during the songs. From ‘Maay Bhawani’ to ‘Shankara Re Shankara’, the songs picturised on Tanhaji and his wife Savitribai Malusare (played by Kajol) seamlessly integrate religious positivity with the side of the protagonists. By association, therefore, Tanhaji and those fighting with him receive divine sanction in the minds of the viewers. They are righteous. They are the ones fighting the good fight,” wrote Quint.

Tanhaji and Deepika Padukone starrer Chhapaak went head to head at the box office on Friday. Tanhaji in the opening day did a business of Rs 16 crore while Chhapaak tanked and managed to rake in only Rs. 4.75 crores.

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Joaquin Phoenix grants Anderson Cooper a rare interview on 60 Minutes – CBS News

If all you know about Joaquin Phoenix is the parts he’s played, you might think he’d be aloof, maybe even disturbed. During his nearly four decades as an actor, dark, complicated characters have become something of a trademark. His most recent role is the mentally ill clown Arthur Fleck who becomes a deranged killer in “Joker.” It’s a daring, and complex performance that’s earned Phoenix critical acclaim, controversy, and talk of a fourth Oscar nomination at just 45 years old. Phoenix has a reputation for being difficult in interviews, and we weren’t sure what to expect when we met him in Los Angeles. What we found was a shy, wry, welcoming actor who wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to talk with us at all.

Anderson Cooper: Do you like being interviewed? ‘Cause it doesn’t seem like, from other interviews I’ve read, that you like it.

Joaquin Phoenix: It’s alright. But it’s not something– if I had, like, the choice of, like, four different activities, I don’t think (LAUGH) it’d be one that I would choose.

Anderson Cooper: This– this would not be one of them?

Joaquin Phoenix: No. Um.

Anderson Cooper: One person we talked to who– who knows you says that– you’re a wonderful actor and a terrible movie star. Is that–

Joaquin Phoenix: Who is this person? I– (UNINTEL)

Anderson Cooper: I’m– but I’m not gonna say.

Joaquin Phoenix: Oh, please, you’d be interested– (LAUGH) What does that mean?

Anderson Cooper: It means that you’re not interested in the trappings of being a movie star. You don’t have an assistant. You– you’re not on social media.

Joaquin Phoenix: Well, hold on. B–

Anderson Cooper: And– and you’re not in a– living in a mega mansion somewhere and driving, you know, Lamborghinis around.

Joaquin Phoenix: Um, the Lamborghini’s in the shop.

Unlike many actors, Phoenix isn’t surrounded by an entourage, just his two curious dogs, Soda and Oscar. He leads a relatively quiet life in the Hollywood Hills, unexceptional except for the fact he’s widely considered one of the most talented actors of his generation.

He’s played Jesus. And Johnny Cash. A cunning emperor in “Gladiator” and a struggling loner in “The Master.”

Joaquin phoenix has appeared in more than 30 films. And has already received three oscar nominations. They say success breeds confidence, but phoenix is still plagued by self doubt.

Anderson Cooper: Do you get nervous?

Joaquin Phoenix: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Anderson Cooper: On a set?

Joaquin Phoenix: Yes, petrified.

Anderson Cooper: What are you petrified about? I mean, you’re– you’ve been doing this for 30-plus years.

Joaquin Phoenix: Yeah. There are so many things that I want to express, like, when I take on a role. And I go through the script I– just, like, full of ideas. And so I guess I’m just nervous that I’m not gonna be able to– to find the right kinda space to express that.

He’s been known to get testy when asked about his acting process. We tried anyway.

Joaquin Phoenix: It’s difficult to talk about because I don’t really understand it, right? I’m just trying to articulate something for you, but I don’t–

Anderson Cooper: Isn’t it the fact that you didn’t quite understand it that makes it so compelling?

Joaquin Phoenix: Yes. And it’s what makes doing interviews so frustrating, right? Because it is– there’s a certain mystery that I love and I appreciate– and I’m comfortable with. 

His characters however, are often uncomfortable to watch.

Especially his most recent role as Arthur Feck in “Joker.” Phoenix transforms from a troubled, lonely clown into a murderer. 

Joaquin Phoenix: There were times where I really felt for him. And there were times where I was disappointed and repulsed by his behavior, right? And I– I liked that.
Phoenix spent months talking through the script with his director, Todd Phillips. But the one thing he’s loathe to do is rehearse with other actors.

Joaquin Phoenix: It just– it feels impossible to me.

Anderson Cooper: What do you mean “impossible?”

Joaquin Phoenix: I don’t know, it’s– it just feels so fake.

Anderson Cooper: Mmm.

Joaquin Phoenix: I mean, the great thing about shooting a movie is shooting multiple takes, and you use editing and so you grab those best moments. So I’d rather discover those moments while we’re working, than in the rehearsal process, and then feel like, “Oh, that was really good what we did. How do we recreate that?”

Those moments he discovers while filming are often unscripted and unexpected. Like a pivotal scene in “Joker” just after he commits his first murder. The script simply called for Phoenix to hide his gun in a bathroom.

Joaquin Phoenix: It felt like the character had moved way past that. And that there– there was the– the opportunity to express something else. But I didn’t know precisely what that– what that was.

Director Todd Phillips played him some cello music that had been composed for the film. And that sparked an idea.

Joaquin Phoenix: And I thought there was some kind of, some kind of movement, that it was like some physical transformation right, metamorphosis.
As the cameras rolled, he found himself marking that metamorphosis into a killer with this haunting and macabre ballet.
Anderson Cooper: There is an intensity to– all the characters you’ve been playing.

Joaquin Phoenix: Yeah, which I love. I think oftentimes people feel like I identify and I’m expressing something of my own experience through the character. I think it’s the opposite. I think it’s because oftentimes the characters, have these lives and experiences that are so foreign to me that it– it breaks my heart.

That may be one of the most surprising things about Joaquin Phoenix. He is not his characters. He’s incredibly close to his family, and seems most relaxed when he’s with them.

Anderson Cooper: What was Joaquin like as a child? (LAUGH)

Joaquin Phoenix: Be very, be very careful. Be very careful with this mom–

Rain Phoenix : I think we all should answer this one at a time.

Joaquin Phoenix: Yeah, (LAUGH) From my perspective, I was a terror.

Anderson Cooper: (LAUGH) You were a terror?

Joaquin Phoenix: Yeah, but I was hoping you guys were gonna go, like, “That’s not true.”

Heart Phoenix: That is so not true!

Joaquin Phoenix: I know, thanks guys. I know. (LAUGH)

He has three sisters: Rain, Liberty and Summer. That’s his stepdad Jeffrey and his mom, Heart. If those names didn’t tip you off, the Phoenixes were a band of hippies. They had little money but deep convictions. Heart and their late father, John Lee Phoenix, homeschooled the kids and in the 1970’s they moved around constantly. For two years, they lived in Venezuela with a cult called the Children of God. 

Joaquin Phoenix: Yeah they obviously don’t advertise themselves as a cult or else nobody would join, right? So it seemed like it was this community.

Anderson Cooper: You really did not have much of anything. Is that fair to say–

Heart Phoenix: We were ministers. We were just living on the road and we– shared our truth and we would get donations.
But by 1977, they say they’d grown disillusioned with the cult and moved back to the U.S., eventually settling in Los Angeles with no money and no real plan. The Phoenix kids started performing on the streets. That’s 7-year-old Joaquin on the right. Next to him, his older brother River Phoenix.

River was the first to get into acting and became a star in the hit film stand by me.

Joaquin was ten when he landed his big break on an episode of “Hill Street Blues.”

Anderson Cooper: What do you remember about it?

Joaquin Phoenix: I remember that– are you guys gonna play the scene on this thing? And then I’m gonna answer it and it’s gonna be–

Anderson Cooper: You know what? (LAUGH) Television is a visual medium. So, I mean–

Joaquin Phoenix: My memory is that. I felt like my entire body was buzzing. There was a certain kind of– power that, right? I was in a room full of adults, and I felt that– I had, like– affected them. Like, I– I had– I had changed how they were feeling. 

Anderson Cooper: We’ll, you punched one of them.

Joaquin Phoenix: Well– (LAUGH) it wasn’t–

Anderson Cooper: I’m sure you changed how she was feeling.

Joaquin Phoenix: –it wasn’t real. It wasn’t real, Anderson.


As a teenager, Joaquin became surprisingly picky about the roles he took and didn’t act much. His brother, River Phoenix, had become a household name and, at 18, was nominated for an Oscar. But in 1993, it all ended. River Phoenix died of a drug overdose outside a Hollywood club. Joaquin and Rain Phoenix were with him. He was just 23. The family has rarely spoken about his death publicly.

Joaquin Phoenix: We were so removed from kind of the entertainment world. We didn’t watch entertainment shows. We didn’t have the entertainment magazines in our house. You know, w– I mean, River was a really substantial actor and movie star, and we didn’t really know it. And so during that time in which you’re most vulnerable, there are helicopters flying over. There are people that are trying to sneak onto your land. Certainly, for me, it felt like it impeded on the mourning process, right?

Heart Phoenix: The grieving process happens out of nowhere, you know? I’ll be driving and all of a sudden, I will feel it. And I’ll just welcome it

Anderson Cooper: Even now?

Heart Phoenix: Oh yeah, I mean–

Anderson Cooper: There’s no timeline for grief–

Heart Phoenix: –I mean, there is no timeline or no place where, you know. It just happens. And I– and I welcome it.

The family has found creative ways to honor River’s life.

His sister Rain, a musician, just released an album dedicated to river and the family runs a non-profit organization named after him that works on social justice issues and conflict resolution. Joaquin says he’s felt his brother’s presence throughout his career, which has been wildly successful and often unconventional.

A decade ago, Joaquin made a fake documentary about his own life called “I’m Still Here.”

It was meant as a critique of fame and as part of the film, he announced he was quitting acting to become a rapper.

It was all an act, but hardly anyone knew. Phoenix kept up the facade in public for more than a year. You may remember this disastrous appearance with David Letterman.

David Letterman: You’re not going to act anymore?

Joaquin Phoenix: No.

David Letterman:  Why is that?

Joaquin Phoenix: Hmm, I don’t know. I mean.


David Letterman:  So you have given it some thought.

There were rumors he was on drugs or having a breakdown. The film was a flop, but Phoenix says it made him a better actor. Less afraid to make mistakes.

Joaquin Phoenix: I think what I didn’t know is how much it would impact and influence my career as an actor.

Anderson Cooper: What is the impact?

Joaquin Phoenix: There’s something liberating about public humiliation.

Anderson Cooper: So, to go through that sort of crucible is freeing in a way?

Joaquin Phoenix: Yeah, I mean, look– can’t get much worse, right?

Far from it. “Joker” has brought in more than a billion dollars so far and is the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. Success fueled in part by controversy. Some people thought the film glorified a killer. Others saw it as a case study of mental illness, and society’s failures to address it.

Joaquin Phoenix: I’ve described it as, like, a Rorschach Test. It says something about the person viewing it and what they think that it’s about. That’s really rare for a film to kind of have that effect on people. So in some ways, I welcomed it.

Phoenix is already working on another film. When we last saw him, it was one of his few moments of downtime and he was more than ready to see us leave. 

Anderson Cooper: So when you’re not working what do you– what do you do? I mean, do you like having time off?

Joaquin Phoenix: I do. Yeah, I love it. I feel very comfortable with time off. What do I do? I– I think I do normal things. I like to cook. I really don’t want to talk about what I do.

Anderson Cooper: Ok, fine, fine.
Joaquin Phoenix: You know what I mean, because I just feel like I go like ‘I like to cook, I like to go see movies with my girlfriend.’ And I just go like. But I mean I– I– you know, I think I have very basic, like, needs.

Anderson Cooper: Yeah, never mind, I don’t care.

Joaquin Phoenix: Even better. (LAUGHTER) 

Produced by Nichole Marks and David M. Levine. Associate producer, Jacqueline Kalil. Edited by Craig Crawford.

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